Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four Days

It took four days and every bit of the six skeins of yarn! Friday night Wicked became on official FO. I took the opportunity between rain drops to take it outside for a photo. I wanted the true colors to come through in the picture. As Becky mentioned in her comment, this is definitely a "Wicked" Wicked. Here's the lowdown:

Pattern: Wicked

Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino; Colorway - #130 Petal (6 Skeins)
Needles: Knit Picks Options Size 7
Started: September 23rd
Finished: September 26th

I enjoyed this fast easy knit. It was my first top down raglan sleeve sweater and now I understand why so many knitters love knitting them. It was so nice not having to seam when the knitting was done. I am in love with the yarn. It's a supersoft, non-splitting, warm yarn to use for winter sweaters.

So what are my concerns? Well I do not think this pattern flatters me at all. I kinda had reservations about it before I started but decided to plunge forward. I'm glad I did but at the moment I don't like it on my body. I think when I lose about 30 pounds I will like it much better. Those who have extra something something on top may understand where I am coming from. Will I wear it at Rhinebeck? Most likey even though I think it will look awful. I can be one of those "Fashion Don'ts" that you see in back of Glamour magazines.

What issues did I encounter with the pattern? Well I first cast on for one size larger than I actually ended up knitting and when I got to the last few stitches of the first row I realized I was short 4 stitches for the pattern. Not a good start. Booboo number one. The next issue I encountered was when I went to knit the sleeves. I was smart this time because I checked to see how many stitches I would need for the pattern. Again, if I had followed the instructions I would have encountered that I was 2 stitches short for the pattern. No where does it tell you that you need to pick up 2 stitches when reattaching yarn for the sleeves. Booboo number two. Finally, I am very happy that I did not decide to add the front pocket pouch. I would not have had enough yarn at all. The pattern calls for 600 yards for the short sleeve sweater. I purchased 624 yards. I was on gauge and would not have had enough. In my opinion, Booboo nummber three.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm busy working on a UFO and goal is to finish it today!


  1. Shameka is going to be jealous! OOOOh. But it really looks nice. I think this will be the next sweater I knit.

  2. I think I really love this. I'm thinkin' you might be being a tad too hard on yourself & this yarn patterning. I think it looks cool & even kinda quirky, but not in a bad way. I also think if you do wear this, I won't loose you in the Rhinebeck crowd. All positive thoughts.

    BTW, my cell died earlier. Love ya!

  3. I think your Wicked looks Great. The colors are feminine but not froo-froo. I guess fit is a personal matter but I think we all are potentially tough on ourselves when we needn't be. The yarn sounds very comfortable to wear which is certainly a plus.

  4. I am not jealous at all, as Tawana said. I am astonished that you finished it so quickly. But, it is an easy knit, so that was expected. I think it looks great. I don't want you to be so hard on yourself. It is certainly NIOT a fashion don't. See ya in Rhinebeck!!

  5. My head spins at the speed of your knitting! I think it probably looks better on you than you think. We are our own worst critics ya know. I am a total fan of the top down raglan. Love the yarn & color!

  6. Wow that was fast and I think it looks gorgeous!

  7. You are an FO monster. How in the world did I miss so many posts? I think the sweater is kind of cute. If you truly don't like it I'm sure you can will it to someone, it sounds like MB might be a taker.