Saturday, September 20, 2008

Christmas Sewing

The past few days I have been vigorously Fall cleaning my apartment. Lots and lots of purging, dusting and organizing was had. While I am not done, I've made good progress. So I thought that since I had accomplished so much, I would reward myself with some craftiness. I spent some quality one-on-one time with my beloved sewing machine this afternoon.

Over twelve years ago I had sewn a few quilted tree skirts. Five to be exact. The picture below shows you the first one I had ever completed. The women in my family loved it so much that they all wanted one. At the time, since our family had grown so much in size, we picked names out of a hat for exchanging Christmas presents. It was made sure that each year I got someone else's name that had not yet received one of these skirts.

It may have been a few years since I have sewn one, but it isn't something I have forgotten how to do. I have enough fabric to make four more skirts right now. I have all the squares cut out for the skirts with the exception of one of the beige fabrics needs to be cut up for three of the skirts. For the most part all fabric patterns are the same with the exception that one skirt will have a different beige fabric than all the rest. The same goes for for one of the white fabrics. Other than that, they will be identical.

I spent probably close to three hours sewing up the squares for one of the tree skirts. Each skirt has two panels to be sewn. I did both panels for the one skirt. The picture below contains both panels but I have them stacked on top of each other.
I am quite pleased with the pattern combination. I look forward to finishing it, but before I can, I must do a little shopping at my local Joann's to get the remaining materials needed for all four skirts.

My goal is to complete all the tree skirts within the next month or so. I want to sell three of the skirts to those who would like to have one in time for Christmas, either for themselves or as gifts. I would be willing to make more this year, but only if I am asked by someone who didn't get one of the three. I now my mom and sisters absolutely treasure theirs!


  1. Oh yes! I adore mine. So does Max (my cat.) It's his official sleeping "quilt" during the holiday season. As soon as I bring it out of storage he comes running to cuddle up on it under our tree. It looks as good as it did the year you gave it to me & I've washed it a few times too!

  2. so very cozy- and quality time with the sewing machine. how nice.

  3. Love those tree skirts! Is there no end to your talents?

    I need to do some fall cleaning myself. Our closet is so full of stuff that I just need to realize it's been in there long enough, obviously I don't need it or I'd be using it! haha I think you have inspired me to get to work on it! :)

  4. We are on the same wavelength. I am currently re-organizing my craft closet. Yes, I see all the yarn I have. MUST KNIT MORE!!! LOL!!

  5. You are so way ahead of the game from me, I'll be xmas shopping on Christmas Eve. The tree skirts are a great gift idea and even better that your family loves them.