Monday, August 25, 2008

There Was Knitting

Finally I am getting around to a knitting content post. Life has been a little crazy for me with all my marathon training going on. It is absolutely true when people say preparing for a marathon is like having a second job. It takes alot of time and commitment. However, I actually have some knitting progress to share.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that everywhere I looked around my apartment I saw piles of knitting begging out to me to be picked up and worked? No? Well I did and the other week I brought them all together for a little photo shoot. Once everything was together I realized the situation wasn't all that bad. Two projects just need to be blocked and seamed (will happen when cooler when is here to stay). One has 5 more rows to be done on the collar and then we just have seaming to be done. One just needs to have a bit more done on the shoulder straps, a few rows on the back and then it is complete. Another needs to have stitches picked up for the front sweater bands and collar, install zipper and seam everything together. Three are really needing attention and the last one may get frogged and started all over.

The other week I decided I was going to make some serious progress on at least one of these projects. The lucky winner was my Diamond Lace Top from Verena Knitting Magazine. I introduced her to you back in early July. I started her while I was on vacation at Myrtle Beach in June. Once I got home she was put to the backburner because the heat didn't allow the yarn to slide across the needles.

Well I decided that I was going to transfer the project to my Knit Picks Harmony Needles so I could possibly get her done for Labor Day. Unfortunately one of my size 4 needles had a split in the wood. Knit Picks immediately sent me a replacement but I didn't get it in the mail until this past Monday. I lost a week of knitting on it but within three days I had the back complete.

I worked on the front piece this weekend but only have gotten through the first pattern repeat. It will look exactly like the back in the picture. After that I just have the ribbed collar band to do. Even if I get the knitting all done this week, I won't have time to block and seam it for Labor Day.

At last here is a picture of my last SOS08 sock. It's number six and hopefully I can get it and it's mate done by Friday. I am knitting the Uptown Boot Sock from our lovely 25 Favorite Socks book. Found out last week my sis is knitting the exact same one right now. Funny how we think alike across all the miles. Anway, I am at the toe on sock #1. I'll give all the specifics when I post the completed pair.


  1. Hooray for knitting!! What kind of running shoes do you wear? We had to go to a running store over the weekend and I was kind of blown away by all of the choices and the technology. I wound up buying Sauconys for my son (foot/ankle pain, went because our PT told us to).

  2. Gosh, you have been busy. Everything looks great. I have abandoned my sock for baby sweater.

  3. Oh yeah, I can see the photo shoot on the Staten Island Ferry is getting closer. Is the Duster the one that just needs seaming and blocking? When is the marathon, November?