Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I've been MIA since the end of July. Some of you may have noticed, others may not have. This doesn't mean I haven't been productive though.

This past weekend I took an extended weekend to take a little trip. For those of you who called me, you now know why I wasn't returning your calls. I wasn't avoiding you. I promise. Anway, I visited Indiana for the first time in my life. I have a friend who lives there and had a fabulous time. It was wonderful to escape the city and be in the country (and I truly mean country). Farms everywhere, lots of trees, green grass, stars and the moon at night....heaven to me.

We even ran a race while I was there. Friday night we headed to Madison, IN for a 4.3 mile race at 10pm. The course was actually along a golf course and was lit by candlelight. What an awesome experience! This was the first time I have ever run a race at night and I will never forget it. Of course my finish time wasn't great for me, but that's ok. I had to remember I ran a 13.1 mile race just 5 days earlier. My friend however, knocked it out of the ballpark. He finished in roughly 32 minutes and placed 2nd in his age category. Too me that was fantastic! I've never placed in anything other than in my own mind.

What was really nice about this trip was that we drove around alot and I got to see the sights of several towns, even spent a day in Indianapolis visting with my friend's family. I had a nice relaxing time and had a hard time getting on the plane to come back to NYC and to the daily grind of city life.

I didn't bring my knitting with me on my trip. The week leading up to it though, I did make good progress on my 5th SOS08 sock #1. I had worked halfway through the heel flap before the trip and yesterday morning I finished it and started sock #2. It will probably be a couple days before I finish it and share it with ya'll. There is no point showing a photo now when I know it will be done soon.


  1. Ah Ha! I know this friend. I'm glad you got to take a little getaway. The short ones can be the most refreshing sometimes. I think a candlelight race would be sooo fun!

    Looking forward to seeing SOS sock pair
    #5. I have given it up.

  2. Ok. So I don't know this friend. I am an idiot. Completely different state (even though it also begins with the letter I, lol!)

  3. I think it's funny that you came back and posted that you didn't know. Not an idiot at all. I would have thought the same person as you. Besides I didn't tell anyone except 1 person that I was going. Love ya sis!

  4. Sounds like a lovely quick vacation.

    What! You were so close and didn't email?! :D Ooops Madison Indiana not Madison Wisconsin. heh. Just kidding.

  5. I'm not a runner but that candlelight run sounds really nice!!

  6. It sounds like a dreamy escape, all around perfect weekend. You are up to sock number 5 already? Amazing.

  7. I hope you get to go back soon! Next time bring the knitting. What the heck did you do at the airport with no knitting!