Friday, March 14, 2008

Mail Call and a FO

On Wednesday, Mr. Postman delivered me a nice little package from overseas! I had purchased a yarn kit from Yarnissima over the weekend and couldn't believe how fast I received it all the way from the Netherlands. Look how nicely packaged everything was! She even included some Easter candy and a little pink chickie! The sock pattern and yarn were individually wrapped in tissue. I was extremely impressed with the presentation of everything.

So what was inside all the wrapping? A beautiful color printed la digitessa sock pattern (15 pages in total). A skein of Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarn (574 yds). A mini laminated card containing the chart for the "Digitessa Central Upper Foot Pattern", Toblerone candy attached to the yarn and a notecard containing a handwritten thank you for my purchase! I am in love with this yarn. The color is so me and it is super silky soft to the touch.

I had never heard of Yarnissima's yarn and sock patterns before and I stumbled across a blog post of someome who had purchased and started the sock. Because of Knitting Therapy, I have a new longing for Yarnissima's items. I can't wait to get started!
Now for another FO. After work yesterday I was full of energy and decided to organize my table that contains a basket full of my current yarn, my current UFOs and misc knitting items. Resulting from my organization is another Binary Cabled Hat (pattern used for Hat Attack) and the beginning of another linen washcloth (no pics to show of it because I am only 12 rows into it). After I hit the gym this afternoon I finished my hat. I used leftover Patton's Classic Wool from when I made the slippers back in December. I only had 2 small bunches left and wasn't sure if I would have enough to finish the hat. Of course I did and even with a little bit to spare. Whew! I am really happy how this hat turned out for me. It fits very nicely and even comes down over my ears (unlike the one my assassin knitted for me - I wore it the other day and am not in love with it at all. The color is NOT me. Anyone want a hat? LOL). I'll be sporting this hat tomorrow on my field trip with Shameka as we venture into NJ to meet up with Kim. Modern Yarn here I come!


  1. Oh, it reminds me of our Easter basket goodies when we lived in England. Toblerone's are so yummy.

  2. when we lived in England?? shouldn't your blogfriends know about this?!?

    I wish there were a train that would get me into the city before 4:00 pm tomorrow- I would SO BE THERE with you, Shameka, and Kim! Have a blast.

  3. Wow!!! Your package looks great!! I especially love the "hat attack" hat. It's so funny how fast one can knit without an impending death deadline. LOL!! I am so excited for Modern Yarn tomorrow.

  4. Sohpanne - You are too funny! Yes, we lived in England when I was very little. I was so little I have very few realy memories of it, the rest of them are from the family photos. It's funny that MB mention's the Easter Basket goodies, because one memory I have to of the Easter Bunny visiting us when we were traveling through Europe and I was amazed the Bunny found us. I do not remember what was in the basket. LOL

    I know you'd be here with us if you could! I will have my camera with me today to document our adventure. Stay tuned. :-)

  5. I'm so jealous you have Wollmeise! I've got to get me some. Hope it doesn't have to marinate too long so I can see it in person soon.

  6. So I am an enabler now and we are almost 800 miles apart. Oh, the wonder of the Internet. Have fun with the pattern, one step at a time and you can do it!