Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 Years of Running

I am amazed that I have been running races now for three full years and have entered my 4th this year.

Back in the Fall of 2004 I never thought I would ever run a race. Earlier in that year I took a terrible fall down my apartment steps. Saw the doctor three days later and he said it was just a really bad sprain. Well in the Fall of 2004 this injury came back to haunt me. It got to the point where I couldn't even run for the bus without being in terrible pain. I saw a specialist and endured six months of physical therapy for the tendonitis in my ankle.

During a three month checkup in the middle of my treatment, my doctor asked me how important it was to me to be able to run again. I immediately answered, "Very important!". Three months later after all the hardwork I was given the go ahead to run. I was terrified. I was scared I was going to feel the pain and would never be able to run, neverless fulfill my dream of running a marathon. Well fortunately the therapy paid off and I was able to look forward to running my very first race ever in 2005.

The above picture shows almost all of my racing t-shirt's that I have accumulated during these years of racing. There are a couple missing from the pile because some of my favorites I train in and they are currently in the laundry pile. So which one am I the most proud of? It, of course, is my 2006 ING NYC Marathon t-shirt. I worked so hard during 2005 to fulfill the race requirement to get guaranteed entry into the marathon. Then I put in five months of long, hard and sometimes lonely training (think about running a 20 mile long run all by yourself). All the sweat and tears was so worth it and whenever I wear this t-shirt, I wear it proudly. I can't wait to run the marathon again this year.

So with all of these t-shirt's what am I to do with them? Well, these t-shirt's here are from my first year of racing. I have always wanted to have them made into a quilt. However, this is not a task I am going to attempt myself. I am way to inexperienced in quilting and I don't want to screw up these shirts that mean more to me than I think anyone would believe.

Maybe one day I can find someone who has the talent to create this for me. I would much rather pay someone who I trust and believe in their work. I know I can always get a company to do it for me, and I will if I have to, but I rather give the cash to someone close to me than a complete stranger that is just a company name. We'll see what happens.


  1. Congratulations on your successful running! I hope you find a quilter to make your special quilt, I think it will be wonderful.

  2. You can quilt it! Be bold. Your crafting family will help you figure it out. You are a running machine, incredible. I know how much work that is, the Huz did the NYC marathon one year, and it's too much work for me. Kudos to you.

  3. I came across a series(5 part) of articles on the making of a t-shirt quilt. Check out

    If you get the right materials (interfacing) you probably will find this an easy project. The worst part would be the fusing to get the sturdiness needed for the t-shirt's block itself. I'll embroider some of your plain blocks for you w/ memory info if you want. If you mail the t's, I'll make them up w/ interfacing into the squares you need then you can make them into sashed blocks.

  4. A quilt from your race t-shirts is a great idea! Mr. Kim used to have a butt load of shirts from his NY RoadRunner days. He still wears some of them. I wonder what happened to his Marathon t-shirt. I have his 15K Hot Chocolate run giant coffee mug in my cube right now. It's from Dec. 16, 2001.

  5. Thats alot of t-shirts...great idea to use them to create a t-shirt quilt. Iam sure you can do this yourself if you put your mind to it.