Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workout Roundup (or Not)

Well my friends it certainly has been a long time since I shared one of my Workout Roundup posts. I am still trying to get back into a regular blogging schedule and while I haven't posted my workouts for like forever, I have still been doing them.

I will say though, that some weeks are rocking and then other weeks I am lucky to get 2-3 workouts done. In addition, all of my workouts have just been runs with the exception of one week where I was incorporating pushups and light hand weight upper body exercises while I was cooking dinner. Nothing to really write home about, but hey, I was trying to utilize my time wisely.

Here's some photographic evidence of my running activity since March:
What other fun physical things have I done during the past couple of months? Well I ran 2 half marathons, both in April and 2 weeks apart from each other. I haven't done my race recaps yet, but they are coming. I have some great, and some not so great, race photos to share. Yes, I am probably actually going to put some bad race photos of myself up on the internet.

Remember that little goal I set for myself to run 1,000 miles by the end of the year? Wonder how that's going? Hmmm, me too. So let's see, the last time I officially checked-in with this goal was all the way back on January 22. Oh my!

Well let's see where I stand right now...

Week 1: 8.12 miles
Week 2: 16.59 miles
Week 3: 10.35 miles
Week 4: 4.00 miles
Week 5: 6.25 miles
Week 6: 0.00 miles
Week 7: 13.62 miles
Week 8: 22.27 miles
Week 9: 22.09 miles
Week 10: 10.75 miles
Week 11: 0.00 miles
Week 12: 23.27 miles
Week 13: 22.03 miles
Week 14: 5.15 miles
Week 15: 22.26 miles
Week 16: 13.00 miles
Week 17: 20.31 miles
Week 18: 21.49 miles
Week 19: 3.00 miles
Week 20: 12.01 miles
Week 21: 14.01 miles
Total: 270.58 miles

So the question is will I make the goal? There are 31 weeks left to the year. I need to run approximately 23.53 miles each week to hit the 1,000 mile goal. I think this is very doable if I can just get my head back into the game. The past few weeks I have been struggling. I know getting myself back into a regular workout routine will help me greatly. I have a couple of things in the works to help me with this. I look forward to sharing that with you in the next couple of days.

So tell me, how are your 2013 Goals going? Are you still going strong with them or did they go out the window once March came around?

I personally think goals are things that we can work towards. We don't necessarily have to achieve them in full to feel a sense of accomplishment. It's not a failure to not fully complete it, it's failure to completely give up on it.

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