Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I've had some great feedback about my "Three Things Thursday" posts, so I thought this would be a great post to get things rolling again.

One thing I love about these posts are all the random photos I find I take with my phone. Ever since I switched to the iPhone in December, I am constantly whipping it out and probably taking way more pictures than I most likely should. It also allows me to take selfie pics much more easily and therefore providing you with some entertainment.

So here we go...

Random Thing #1:
This is me doing some mindless reading in bed while I was waiting for my honey to come home from work the other night. I look all studious with my glasses. 

Random Thing #2:
I took these pictures on Greek Easter. I absolutely love Manny's facial expressions! They make me giggle. I may have also video taped him hula hooping that day. 

Random Thing #3:
I am a nail polish loving individual. I went through a phase last year where I was obsessed with buying a new one almost every week. So, of course, this Essie Spring Color Polish display caught my eye a few weeks ago. My heart loves these colors!

Your turn! Share some randomness from your life with me!

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