Monday, November 24, 2008

Sew Much?

No. Not at all. What happened to my grand weekend sewing plans? It all went out the door into the cold air on Saturday. First, this is what I accomplished on Friday...

I managed to get all my fabric cut out for the Boxy Bags. It took a few hours but I was thrilled they were all cut out and ready to be sewed up on Saturday.

So what happened to the sewing? Well long story short. I rent the basement apartment of my landlord's home. On Thursday he brought a technician in to look at the boiler that apparently went kaput. Now remember since this is a house and the boiler is in a little room in the basement in my living space. The gentlemen looked, stated that my landlord needed to go pay for the new boiler Friday morning and it would be delivered in the afternoon.

Friday evening is now upon us and the landlord now comes by with two technicians. It is now stated that they would come by on Saturday morning and install the new boiler. Since this is my home, I nicely asked what time they would be coming by and was jokingly told "Oh 6am." They quickly said that it would probably be around 10am or so. I was much happier with this time since all week long I get up at 4:30am for work.

Around 8:30am Saturday morning I am walking down the street heading back home from my run at the gym. I immediately spotted that the technicians were there is do the work. So I went in, changed and tried to think of what I was gonna do because having 5 men in my tiny living space making a mess was not something I really wanted to be around. So I took myself to the 10:10am showing of Twilight. Must say that I loved the movie very much and am thrilled that they are talking about filming the next one. By the time the movie ended I had been gone for about 3 hours. When I arrived back home they were still there. I stepped inside and saw that I could do absolutely nothing but sit on my couch and watch tv. It was even too cold to knit because they were going in and out of my apartment to cut pipe and stuff.

Let me just end it here. Does it really take 17 hours to install a new boiler? The answer is yes, it does. The new boiler was humming nicely at 1:30am when all left and I could finally collapse into bed. Guess the story wasn't too short.

So my mojo was totally lost and I spent Sunday sleeping in until 9:30am. Stayed in my PJ's and knitted on my latest sweater. Last week I noticed the new Twist Collective was out and I immediately found a few patterns I wanted to knit. I bought the Mary Jane by Zephyr Style pattern and casted-on for it last Monday night.

Isn't it pretty? Here is the front.....

...and here is the back....

Does the yarn look a little familiar to you? It should because it's the same yarn I used on my Puff-Sleeved Cardi. Remember I had purchased this yarn earlier in the year for a different project. So I used 9 for the cardi and I have 9 left to knit this sweater. I actually think I'll have 2 skeins left. At least I am using this stuff up!


  1. aargh for the boiler technicians. I'm going to have to do a little interwebs research to find out what a boiler actually looks like- or you could wait for the light to get right and snap a photo. Did you have to see boiler technician's crack as well?

  2. That sucks about the technicians. I hope they were at least nice to you as they ruined your weekend plans. I was looking forward to seeing your sewing! Mary Jane looks good so far.

  3. Oh that sucks. Well, i am glad you are nice and toasty now. The sweater looks really nice.

  4. That stinks! Who knew it took so long? I'm with Sophanne. Please post a photo of the new boiler. Love Mary Jane! Twist Collective is awesome. So many seamless sweater patterns!

  5. Ooooo! I like Mary Jane (the pattern)! I can't wait to see it in person. I know you will get that baby done before Christmas.

  6. Not sure what is worse, not having heat or putting up with the mess. Glad it is all fixed and you are now warm and toasty.

    Lovely sweater, can't wait to see it finished. Shouldn't take much longer. You seem to be making quick work of it.

  7. I'm happy for the new boiler, but gee whiz! The new sweater looks great and all the fabric looks very fun.

  8. Your boiler toils would kill anyone's mojo. Nothing like plumber's crack to dampen all creativity. MJ is a cute pattern, I'm sure it will be lovely on you.