Monday, November 17, 2008

Cowling Along

What's this? Another Cowl? Yeah. I couldn't help myself. Saturday night I was cruising through Ravelry checking out what other's had knitted with Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn. Lots and lots of knitters had used it to make Clapotis. Since I only had one skein of this stuff I needed to find a bit smaller project. I didn't dare click through the 70 some odd pages of projects to find what I was looking. Talk about sensory overload. So let me introduce you to my newest Cowl...

Pattern: Darkside Cowl (Rav link to free pattern)

Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino; Colorway - Viena
Needles: Size 8 16" circs
Started & Finished: November 15th
Modifications: I unintentionally started the pattern immediately after casting on instead of doing 1 purl round. So I am missing this round on both ends of the cowl.

...and because for some reason ya'll like to see modeled photos...

Yes Yvonne, that is another one of my strappy tanks I wore when modeling this cooler weather garment. Again I'm color coordinated!

This morning when I went to dash out the door for work I originally had an old black scarf around my neck. My bleary eyes caught a glimpse of this cowl and I immediately wripped off the black thing and pulled this bunch of dreaminess over my head. This yarn is sooooo yummy and makes for a super soft cowl.

I was so happy to have finally knitted with another yarn purchase from Rhinebeck. I only used maybe half of the yarn. I tried to find another use for the little amount I had left. It didn't work out too well. I believe I am just going to have to knit another cowl with the other half.


  1. All you cowl girls are crazy! In a good way though. I think your cowl-love is catchy as well. ;-)

  2. Great cowl! Love the modeled shot. :D Cowl-love is catchy-between you and Kim-I may be coming down with it.

  3. Oh so pretty, very pretty and grand!!The colors remind me of a beautiful Monarch Butterfly, I love the color so very much......Also love the cowl hat & mitten set. the color reminds me of cotton candy, very yummmmmmmy!!! Love Ya<3

  4. that is pretty! I want to make another cowl too.

  5. Turned out so inviting looking! You're spreading the cowl virus. Maybe everyone needs some disenfectant (like stop reading the cowl posts, hmmm?)

  6. Great cowl! Great modeled shot!! I finished my second cowl on Saturday - I love it! I should have worn it today, so much snow outside. :(

  7. Yes, later for that black scarf. This cowl rocks. The colorway knits up beautifully!