Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Lace

Loopy Ewe sent another little package to me this past Saturday. This order qualified for free shipping and I still got it within 3 days of my order!
So what is it that I couldn't resist? Well, first there are two hanks of Dream In Color Baby Lace - Colorway Lipstick Lava. This stuff is yummy! I have it possibly earmarked for a Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls. Between both hanks I have 1400 yds. More than enough for this shawl.

While browsing the store, I can't resist looking at all the sock yarn. On the left is Dream In Color Smooshy Sock Yarn - Colorway Happy Forest and on the right is Scarlet Fleece Sock - Colorway Antique Watermelon. I couldn't resist adding these two greeny colors to my sock stash.

As of right now I am not adding anymore sock yarn to my stash until I start knitting and getting through what I got for SOS08. I can not wait for June 21 to come so I can start knitting with this stuff. Yes I am excited and I have even gone as far as picking out patterns for the yarn.

So here's my knitting projects update:
  1. Lacy Skirt panels are complete as of last weekend. I did indeed received the correct dye lot of yarn and quickly finished them off. The only thing left to do is seam up the sides and get the ribbon to go through the eyelet holes.
  2. The front for Prairie Tunic is about 50% complete. I have been working on it faithfully since I finished the back. I'm actually hating the needles (very dull points for a fine yarn) I am using for this knit and am looking forward to finishing it. It should be done in time to get on the plane with it.

I wasn't going to cast-on for a new project until Prairie Tunic was done, but I couldn't help myself on Sunday evening. I had four skeins of Cascade Pima Tencel yarn in my stash for Fitted Knits - Coquette Lace Tube Top. I didn't think this would take me long to work knit and wanted to take it with my on my trip to Myrtle Beach. Here's what I got so far. I am on the third skein and I am holding my breath about having enough yarn. I double checked my gauge and am dead on, but my pulse is still beating a little fast over it. We shall see!


  1. Oh good, someone else is planning socks for SOS. I have to say I love Ravelry's queue. the Post-Its tend to come off in the stash bin.

  2. The yarns all look yummy. Fun for you is just around the corner now.

  3. Ohhh those yarns are gorgeous!!

  4. The yarn purchases look wonderful. I can't wait until my yarn-buying ban is over and done with. I can't wait for summer of socks... and how did I not see the maazine that the tube top was in??? It looks gorgeous. I am praying that the gauge stays dead on, and it fits you, and you are happy. I want to see you smiling in it. It looks great so far.

  5. Your new yarns are beeutifull. Do you do a lot of knitting on the subway? Because You are getting a lot of knitting done these days, and I wonder where you find the time.