Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heatwave and the Relay

Of all the weekends to have a heatwave come through it had to be this past weeked! Sunday was the Need For Speed - 50 Mile Relay from Bear Mountain to New Rochelle, NY. This was the HOTEST day of the weekend. With the heat index, it was over 100 degrees. We all had fun until the heat got the best of us.

The race consisted of 9 legs total and we had 6 runners on our team. The race began at 7:30am. All of the runners were walk/running throughout the race because of the heat, even so early in the morning. I made sure I was completely hydrated throughout the day to ensure I was going to be ok for my first leg of 6.8 miles.

My first leg got started at 12:45pm. High noon. Worst time of day to run. I felt great going into the run. The first 3 miles of my leg were on highway (absolutely no shade) and then the last 3.5 miles of the leg was along a secluded trail.

I was just shy of the 3 mile mark when I had to drop out of the race. I cried and felt like such a failure but my team was so supportive of me. I had trained so long and hard for this race and I couldn't run it. The heat overtook me along the highway. About 30 minutes into my run, my team drove past me to head to the next exchange point and they slowed down to look at me. They ended up pulling over because they said something was wrong. As I jogged up to them, they called out to ask if I was ok. All I could do was shake me head no. I was hot, dizzy, sick to my stomach and shaking. I grabbed a bottle of cold water and was just dumping it over my head. At that moment I decided to try and continue.

My team got back in the truck and took off but then pulled off to the curb again where there was a race marshall sitting to guide runners in the right direction. My team was talking with him and as I was running towards them this guy kept looking at me. As I approached I stopped and he wanted to know how I felt. I had to admit that I felt really bad. I was suffering from heat exhaustion and decided to pull myself out of the race. My fear was continuing onto the trail, which was right around the corner, and collapsing. I made the right decision for myself.

We proceeded to the next exchange area so our next runner could take off. While we werre waiting for her to finish her leg, race officials announced they were ending the race. The police and hospitals were begging them to end it because of the heat. During my leg (#5) and leg #6, people were collapsing left and right. The heat was brutal and they should have called it way earlier. It was like the Chicago Marathon all over again.

I am fully recovered now. I needed rest and lots of liquids. I was suppose to run a total of 10.5 miles on Sunday and that would have gotten me to my 100 Miles or Bust marker of over 100 miles in 10 weeks. I did only about 3 on Sunday and wasn't able to run at all yesterday, so I missed making it but am very proud of myself for running as much as I have the past few weeks.

New training goals are in the works. I will be starting my marathon training in a couple of weeks to prepare for my second running of the NYC Marathon on November 2nd. I also got entry into the NYC Half Marathon on July 27th. Of course I will probably throw in some misc. small races.


  1. Sorry you were unable to complete your miles but there was nothing you could do. It was way too hot to be running in that heat anyway. Glad you didn't continue and end up passing out. Your a trooper for attempting it though!

  2. Holy cow that sounds brutal. You're a winner. I'll just tell you what they always say in yoga class: Every day is a new day in your body and have the wisdom to know your limits.

  3. You did exactly the right thing. Don't beat yourself up about it - far better to use good sense and be out running again when the weather improves!

    I didn't get all the way to 100, either, but close enough! I'm looking forward to hearing about your marathon and half marathon training as I gear up for my half!

  4. I was worried about you. I am so glad that you pulled out of it instead of passing out. Don't feel bad at all. I admire you for even making it as far as you did. Shoot, I admire you for putting on your sneakers and just going there, knowing the weather conditions. I think there should be a law against having a race if the weather is above a certain heat index. That is just wrong that all of those people were passing out left and right.

  5. I know it's heartbreaking but you did the right thing.
    I couldn't run if a bear was chasing me, hot or cold outside. lol

    Good luck on your next race.

  6. OH MY DOG that sounds just brutal. Ugh. I can't believe they actually decided to start the race in that weather. Thank goodness they stopped it before too many people got hurt. I'm glad you stopped when you did. That was definitely the wisest decision.

  7. I am so sorry you have the disappointment but I am glad you did the right thing for yourself.

  8. Oh, my, you were out RUNNING on Sunday?? I didn't even leave my house, it was so hot! I give you lots of credit for not only starting the relay in the first place, but for having the sense to stop when you had to. (And, I'd say that running in that kind of heat gives you at least double miles for your 100-mile goal. Just for the sheer stamina of it!)

  9. So sorry you had to drop out of the race. But you did your very best. It was brutaly HOT HOT!!!! Better to drop out than drop dead. Hugs!

  10. Darn heat! It has been tough this year - so early on! You were smart to drop out. I ran in race a few weeks ago and didn't stop and made myself very miserable. It just wasn't worth it!