Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pullover Photo Shoot

At lunch on Wednesday I met up with Kim and we did a little Gathered Pullover photo shoot.

Here are my thoughts - Fat, Frumpy and Fudging Hot!

What was I thinking of wearing this sweater when it was going to be 75 degrees? Must have had been out of my mind. Needless to say, this sweater is going into hibernation until the fall!

After wearing this sweater for a 10 hour work day, I can tell you all the issues I had with it. First, a positive note, it does fit nicely around my bust. Issue #1: Sleeves are too long. As you can see in the picture, they come down over my fingertips. I spent all day with the cuffs folded over and pushed up to my elbows. As the nice wrinkles in the yarn around my elbow nicely demonstrates. Issue #2: The V is too low, this causing extra length going up to the shoulders. The cable motif should actually sit in the middle of my chest and I think it would probably be a bit more flattering if it had. Issue #3: I found the right shoulder wanting to expose by skin, while the left stayed put. So maybe there is a chance of the *Flash Dance* look once I lose more weight. Issue #4: I wish I had incorporated waist shaping. I think this would have made this sweater more slimming than expanding.

So will I knit this sweater again? Believe it or not, yes. Next time though I am going to use a DK weight yarn, add waist shaping, not do a three needle bindoff on the shoulders and leave the sleeve length alone.


  1. Well, I do like the color. If you want to add some structure to the shoulders, you can add a row or crochet to the shoulder seam on the inside and it will tighten it up a bit. The Yarn Harlot showed this on her blog.

  2. I like the color. Wonder if there is a way to fix the problems without having to suffer too much. Big Congrats on the FO even if it doesn't fit. You never really know what your going to get.

  3. The color is beautiful. I think next time that either the v-neck itself needs to be raised or more length added to the bottom for the proportions to be right. Other than sleeve length (which you can cut apart the extra inches & kitchner back together), it is a pretty sweater. I'm glad it doesn't make you feel defeated. This is an opportunity to make it better.

  4. Yes, the color is lovely. I have had to fix sleeve lengths before.

  5. I still love that sweater! You are a beauty in blue! It couldn't have been that hot because you can see Shameka in her down jacket in the left side of the photo.

  6. Flashdance, ha! I think it looks nice, maybe some of the things that annoy you will fade over the summer. Good on you to go for it again.