Monday, January 5, 2015

Knitting Goals 2015

Every new year I like to set goals for myself. Not resolutions, but goals. I find that by putting my goals in writing, I tend to achieve them, or come as close as possible to achieving them.

For 2015, I categorized my goals. You know into knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, reading and lifestyle groups. As in the past, I have selected a few goals for each group, written them down and placed the list in a place where I can glimpse at it every so often to remind myself of what I want out of this year.

As you may note from above, three of my groups are crafts.

Since moving into the new apartment last spring, I've been excited about the prospect of getting all my crap precious crafting treasures organized and at my fingertips in hopes of fulfilling all my creative dreams!

I am currently waiting on tooth and nail for my built-in shelving closet to be completed and installed where I'm sure I will spend countless hours organizing said precious crafting treasures. Custom builder guy said everything would be done in two weeks four weeks ago. But alas, I will continue to dream and organize in my head until it is here.

Right now things kind of look like this...
...which is only half of what I own. The rest is piled up in our second bedroom. The finished cabinet will contain all my yarn, fabrics and scrapbooking supplies. I. Can. Not. WAIT!

I thought today I would share with you my knitting goals for the year. They really are quite simple:
Goal #1: Really straight forward. I have two plastic bins filled with yarn that I have collected through the years. One bin is all sock and lace yarns. The other bin contains odds and ends worsted weight yarn and at least enough yarn to make 3 sweaters. I really only want to purchase yarn that I really can't live without this year and if I do any gift knitting, I may need to make a purchase.

Goals #2: 2015 is the year I actually do something with all those old UFO's I have hanging around. Either the project will be finished or frogged. I've highlighted in yellow the UFO's I am dealing with here:
I technically have 9 old UFO's, but I do not count the Sock Yarn Blanket as that is a seriously long term project that I have come to terms with as finishing when I am old and gray sitting in my rocker on my front porch.

I'll let you know what I do with each as I tackle them.

Goal #3: Knit one pair of socks a month? Absolutely. I hardly knit any socks last year and I want to fix that this year. Plus this is another great way for me to knit through that bin of sock yarn and get the scraps set aside for my blanket.

Goal #4: Yup, I am giving myself the simple goal of knitting one row on my Sock Yarn Blanket a month. This project doesn't get as much love in the knitting time department as it should. It's simple mindless knitting and I think I could use that once a month. I can easily finish one row in a weekend.

That's it. Four simple knitting goals this year. I think I can handle it.

So tell me, have you set any goals for yourself? Share with me. Would love to hear!


  1. Oh goodness, knitting goals are easy. More. more. hehe. Actually, I would love to knit a pair of socks a month, but I still have 2 pairs in progress that are hibernating so I dunno if that actually would work. I think the biggest thing is maybe not knitting things that won't work for my body type especially since I'm adverse to modifications, ha! I like your plans to address the In Progress. I think I'll do that, with the exception of those two pairs of socks I can't look at right now.

    1. I had a bad habit of knitting sweaters that weren't ideal for my body type. While my brain and heart was saying "Yes Please" my body was saying "Oh no you didn't?" when all was said and done. Now I am very selective.

  2. Is that an excel spreadsheet? I need to do that so I can get a dose of reality with my crap too. my knitting goals need some thought but I also have plenty of UFO s that need attention. Love the state of your craft supplies. I <3 organized craft supplies so why can't I find the energy to do so?

    1. No it is actually the list view from my Projects in Ravelry. I took a screenshot of it. You could always recreate something similar in Excel, but then if you started using Ravelry again I could see what loveliness you are knitting these days. ;-) I started using Yarma app to upload pics of my knitting from my phone into my Ravelry account instead of having to transfer them off my phone to my computer and then to wherever I wanted to share them. Made things so much easier and worth the 99 cents. Yes yes yes I love organized craft supplies so you can imagine just how much this disorganization is driving me crazy!!! Maybe I can help you when I come visit?!?!?!