Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Little Bit Of Everything

Weekend's sure do come and go, especially when they are jam packed filled with stuff to do.

Fortunately the weekend before last I was able to put away all the Christmas decorations. Can you believe all of these...
Fit into this?
With the tree gone our corner has resumed its normalcy.
It took me a whole week to get use to the tree and decorations being gone. Everything felt so empty!

Fast forward to last Friday and I woke up to this.
I knew we had a chance of some morning snow showers, but to me this wasn't just a shower. We didn't get too much, just enough to make it messy for a couple of days. After the rain we had yesterday, everything is back to normal. Of course, everything was back to normal in Manhattan by Friday afternoon!

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours creating little mini sock yarn skeins to give to my mother.
I have been blessed to have knitting friends who have given me their sock yarn leftovers for my blanket and I enjoy sharing the love. Without those donations, my blanket wouldn't be as far along as it is.

Speaking of the blanket. I pulled it out to see where it stands at the moment.
One of my knitting goals is to knit one row on it every month. The last time I worked on it, I had nine squares to knit to finish out the row. For January, my goal is to finish just that row.

Another item I am trying to check off my never ending "To Do" list is to transfer all my CD's onto my computer so I can get rid of the CD's. Don't worry, my music is being backed up to a couple of places as I am worried about losing it all!

So I have been working on it for the past couple of weekends. My view looks a little like this while I am doing it.
I was multi-tasking while doing this. I may have been knitting on a sock.

All the artwork you see in the picture, I purchased on our first trip to Europe and California. From left to right they came from Greece, Rome and San Fran. I have a few more pieces not shown that I am planning on adding to these and collaging them together above my desk. Every time I look at them, they take me right back to those trips.

Sunday was the day we took our tree to the park to be mulched. I love that the local parks do this. They even let you take a bag of the mulch home with you if you want.

We couldn't find the twine to tie the tree down to the jeep.

My honey's first plan was to just throw it up there and then we would each stick our arms out the window and hold it! Ummmm, yeah do you think I have rubber man arms? I don't think so buddy.

So what do we do? Enter the duct tape. The man's solution for everything.
Surprisingly it worked and thank goodness we didn't have far to drive.
With the tree dropped off we then headed out to check off a huge item off our "To Do" list that we've been trying to do for months. Empty my storage unit. We done small trips here and there so fortunately there wasn't too much left in it. We made three trips to and from and now our living room looks like this.
Once the closet built in is installed, I will be able to clean out the small bedroom and move some of these boxes into it. Eventually everything will be in it's place. It just feels really good not having that extra monthly expense anymore. So I can live with the clutter for now.

We rounded out our Sunday night with a little home cooked meal and watching "Taking Chance" with Kevin Bacon. What a fantastic movie. Really sad, but so glad we finally watched it.

How was your weekend? Did ya'll get more relaxing in than me?

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  1. You are just getting it done! So productive and organized. I need you to come sort me out! You know, knitting while backing things up and transferring ... is a brilliant idea. I like it! My husband just gave up the small storage unit and now we have some how fit camping gear and Christmas stuff into the closets. Our whole place is a clutter bomb. Don't be like us, keep up the good work!