Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday, almost Friday! 

It's time for my favorite part of my blog week, "Three Things Thursday!"

Thing #1:
After I came home from running the Oakley Mini 10K race on June 8, my honey surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers! It's rare I get flowers from him, so this was extra special!

Thing #2:
I recently ordered this bucket load of yarn from Knit Picks. What will it grow up to be? Well there is a baby boy due this September in my honey's family and I thought I could knit a blanket faster than I could quilt one. Stay tuned for details of what I decide to create and just exactly how long it takes me to make it. It would be a miracle if I finished before the baby is born!

Thing #3:
My sister! She saw a photo of me wearing this tank top and told me how much she loved it. Being the loving sister that I am, I immediately ordered one for her and she kindly sent me this pic, so I could then put it out on the interwebs. She's looking like a hot mama these days!

So tell me, what are 3 random photos that you have on your phone right now? 

Any guesses on how long it will take me to start and finish that baby blanket? Last baby blanket I knitted never made it to the finish line. I'm hoping this one turns out better.

Seen any other awesome, motivational t-shirts/tank tops that I could add to my collection? I recently placed my order for this tank in the orchid/pink combo.


  1. Your flowers are awesome, congratulations on another event. I just got a knit picks shipment as well, so I am literally channeling your sense of joy. As soon as I finished reading your post, I had to google the "suck it up" buttercup tank. Inspired by you, I shall have to get them for my sis and myself. Your 3 things are fun indeed!

  2. @elns - Thank you so much! I could get lost perusing all the yarn/goodies on Knit Picks. A good mail day is one that involves yarn! Ahh, I should of put a link to the tank to make it easier. I think it's awesome that you will get one for both you and your sis! I can't wait to visit my sis so we can be twins while sweating it out together!