Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Shred 13 Week 3 Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were hot and humid here in NYC. I spent the majority of my weekend inside with the fan on high! July is right around the corner and if this week's temps are any indication of what's to come, my honey and I must get a new air conditioner pronto. And pronto probably means August to my honey.

So let's just move on to my Summer Shred Week 3 recap, shall we? I cannot believe we are 3 weeks done and started our final week today. Time is seriously flying!

Week 3 was an interesting week for me in regards to my exercising. As you know I am a runner at heart. It's in my blood and so much part of my everyday life. So, it shouldn't be a surprise when I tell you that on Wednesday morning at the track I broke down in tears when I realized I was going to have to take some time off from running.

See, 2 weeks ago I experienced a major calf cramp during my sprint workout. I was able to stretch it out and continue my run, minus finishing my sprints. I have been able to continue running since then, even ran a 10K race, with no return of the cramp. I've just been able to feel a presence in my calf, but nothing that would stop me from running. Until this past Wednesday morning. I was 1.75 miles into my run when the cramp returned. I did my usual of stopping to stretch before trying to continue. That seemed to work until I hit the 2.5 mile mark. The cramp returned with full force and stopped me right in my tracks. I finished walking my lap with tears in my eyes.

After discussing this with my honey, he convinced me this wasn't the "be all end all" I was making it out to be. This was my body telling me I needed to take some time off from running to get the calf completely healed. I know this is all true, it was just hard to accept. So instead of running, I turned to my bike trainer. I have had to modify my Shred workouts to not further aggravate my calf and have religiously foam rolled and iced. I can honestly say that my calf feels so much better today, but it will probably be another week before I attempt to run again.

During all the running drama I created in my head, I still committed myself to clean eating. With burning less calories than I would of with running, I still managed to come in just under my calorie intake each day. I was doing really good with the weight loss (inches lost) during the first 2 weeks of the Shred so I was concerned with how this week would reflect on the scale this morning, since I was burning less calories. Well let me tell you all, sweat is sweat and combine that with clean eating, it still pays off. I have lost another 2 pounds this week, bringing my total up to 7.5 pounds. My hard work and commitment to eating clean continues to show!

Now for the nitty gritty details of the week.

My Meals

Breakfast and Snack:
My Workouts

P.M. - Summer Shred Workout #1
Lunchtime -  Run at the gym.
A.M. - Run cut short at Astoria Park Track
P.M. - Summer Shred Workout #2 plus Bike Trainer
P.M. -  Summer Shred Workout #3 plus Bike Trainer  
P.M. - Bike Trainer
Summer Shred Workout #4 plus Bike Trainer
Sunday - Rest Day

I am really looking forward to seeing what this last week will bring me. Saturday is the final weigh-in for the Diet Bet that I am participating in with some of the other Shredder's. As of today's weigh-in, I have reached my goal of losing 6.2 pounds. So as long as I don't gain any weight this week, I will receive some of the money from the pot. Which would be great because momma needs new pants pretty bad!

How have your workouts been going?  Anything you want to work on this week?
My upper body has slowly gotten stronger and I want to continue my improvement with the push-ups. I started out doing them at an angle standing at my kitchen counter-top, to this week actually doing them on the floor (on my knees) with getting about halfway down before coming back up. This was a huge improvement for me and I am excited to continue it.

Did anyone else sign up for the next Summer Shred with Bobbi?
I decided to continue with the Shredding experience and signed up for her Extreme Shred for July. I am excited to get this next level of plans. While I haven't mastered all the workouts from this month, I have definitely gotten stronger and will have them at my fingertips to go back to and work on things.

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