Friday, October 26, 2012

Comment Replies

The other day I mentioned that I was following-up to all comments here on the blog by replying through the comments section. I use to do it via email, but have found that I do not always have  email address to respond to and I want to make sure everyone gets a reply from me.

Today, a dear friend of mine mentioned that to ensure everyone who commented on my blog would see my replies, I needed to add that "Email follow-up comments" option to my blog. When I revamped my bog awhile back I thought I had enabled that little option. After researching it today, I have been unsuccessful in locating that option.

After researching Blogger Help section, I did not find that particular option. What I did find is that when you comment on a post, you can click on the "Subscribe by email" link, as highlighted below, to receive any follow-up comments.

From what I can tell from Blogger, is that you will only receive additional comments to that particular post you subscribe to and that you will have to click that link on every post you comment on to receive the follow-ups. It is not the same as subscribing to my blog.

I hope this actually works, because I would hate for y'all not to see my replies. Since I am the blog author I automatically receive all comments, so please let me know if this does not work, or does not do what Blogger says it does. Thank you!

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