Friday, October 5, 2012

New Boots?

So my adventure into purchasing new boots for the Fall has been a total FAIL. I have spent the past week ordering boots only to return them within the same day. While I have learned to accept my ginormous muscular calves over the past few months, I am now starting to dislike them all over again. It's frustrating to say the least that I can not walk into a shoe store and purchase a pretty pair of boots.

So after carefully pondering everyone's opinion the other week on what boots I should get, I decided on the Durangos. I thought they were really adorable and were in a price range I was willing to accept. I ordered them on Thursday and received them on Friday and by Friday afternoon I already had the return shipping label attached to the box.

Let me just say that I really liked the boot in person. They even fit my calves perfectly. So why did I return them? I didn't think they were truly my style and for the cost they weren't worth keeping for only wearing them once in a while with my jeans.

So after some pondering and a text discussion later with my sister, I decided to get the Naya boots that my heart were a fluttering for from the very beginning. After researching the boot on Amazon, I found them for $30 cheaper than Zappos and also an additional $50 off as a special promotion through September. I thought SCORE! I am getting my first choice boot for cheaper than the Durangos. Double SCORE!!

Since I am a Prime Member, I purchased the boot on Friday (maybe even before I had boxed up the other boots to return) and received them on Tuesday.

My initial reaction of the boot when I pulled them out of the box and sprung one from the individual cloth bags they arrived in was OHMYGOODINESSIAMINLOVE! I completely understood why the boot came with a hefty price tag. These boots are beautiful and well made. I saw them lasting me for years. 

I immediately kicked off my left shoe and slid my foot into my new boot. I held my breathe as I pulled it up over my calf and then wanted to cry and cursed my ginormous calf, because at this point I wasn't speaking very nicely to it. The circumference was not wide enough. 

I felt like a disappointed kid at Christmas!
The sad part is that the boot fit nicely on my right leg. I curse my odd sized calves. So with great sadness I packed the boots back up today and have shipped them back to Amazon land where some other lucky lady will get to parade around in these boots.

So, am I going to give up? No. 

I know I am not going to order my third choice boot because the calf circumference is the same as the Nayas, which were half an inch smaller than the Durangos. I am already stalking Zappos for boots than are in the next circumference size up which will guarantee them fitting. I may have even already found a pair but the only downside of them is that they are an inch taller than I may want. I will probably also go to Aerosoles and see if they have the riding boot that Tawana mentioned in her comments to me. I will find something, I know. I just have to be patient. I will find them.

Anyone else have any clothing/shoe purchase that ended up in a big fail and left you feeling like the only kid in a candy store without any candy?

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