Saturday, October 2, 2010


Between yesterday and today progress has been made on Girl Friday. I have proof that I haven't forgotten how to seam, nor how much I dislike doing it. The front and back pieces have been attached at the shoulders and both sleeves have been inserted. Oh why does the second sleeve ALWAYS seam up easier and look much better than the first? I know the answer. I just felt the need to ask it.

Anyway, I'll hopefully be seaming up the sides in a little bit.

I feel more confident now that I will have the sweater finished in time for all the festivities in two weeks. I think I'll be on a button finding mission soon.

So during the past couple of months between procrastinating finishing Girl Friday and knitting on the Sock Yarn Blankie (and oh yeah knitting a pair of knee highs), I did cast-on for a Rhinebeck hat. My sister informed me that the one hat I made that she really liked on me was my Sockhead Hat. Well that was all I needed to hear. As you can see below I am almost finished with hat #2.

The yarn I am using is Socks That Rock in the Gingerbread Dude colorway (bought last year at Rhinebeck). I chose this yarn because the maroon spots match my Girl Friday. I wanted to try and be all matchy matchy.

I at first hated it, grew to like it and then kind of became eh about it once I started the decreases. There are two spots at the top where on one side there is a big pool spot of white and on the other side a big pool spot of brown. It kinda bothers me. I feel like some horns or something should be sprouting from these two spots. I'm hoping that once it's done and on my head the spots won't bother me as much. Mainly because hopefully I won't see them. We'll see.


  1. Go Deborah Go! Girl Friday is going to be awesome. It is SO CLOSE to done. Of course it's needs just the right buttons and lucky you, you can probably make a trip to M&J Trim.

  2. Girl Friday looks fabulous! Hey I bought that same ginger dude yarn. Maybe I need to make it into a sockhead hat too. Ya know. The twin thing. :)