Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 Weeks

I had lunch with YarnyoldKim yesterday and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful afternoon. We ate a delightful lunch outside on the cobblestone street behind my old work building. Amongst all the *catching up* talking, we did knit a little. Kim gave me rave reviews of my Sock Yarn Blankie. It was fun watching her point to the yarns she gave me and say, "I know this one. I knitted such and such with it."

Another topic of conversation was that we couldn't believe that Rhinebeck is just three weeks away. Kim asked me about my Rhinebeck sweater. Uhhh. Well, I am still planning on making Girl Friday my sweater for the festival but it will only be if I can get it out of this state...

Sad to say I took this picture probably at the end of June. It was my intention to block the pieces to size, seam it and then pick up for the collar/buttonband.

So what are my intentions now? Pray for a miracle? Hmmm, well I am now going straight for the seaming and picking up stitches for the collar. Blocking will take place once it's all done.

Now I need to figure out when I am going to accomplish all this so I don't have to wear a half done sweater being held together with safety pins.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I'm planning to knit three sweaters for Rhinebeck and I'm only just about to separate the yoke for sleeves/front/back on the first one. Yay for lunches with Kim!

  2. Whatever you do, please don't be a Zombie like me and stay up the night before the festivities seaming. Look at the bright side. You have 3 weeks, and once you pick up the stitches, it is a breeze. OK, I will go back to knitting my non-Rhinebeck sweater now. (Insert sad face) Have fun without me, and take plenty pictures, ok!

  3. You'll get it done! Lunch was so much fun! I really miss having you downtown.

  4. U Can Do IT! I just seamed my sweater this afternoon and it was in pieces like yours. I just have to buy a zipper and insert it tomorrow. Can't wait to see you & all our knitting buddies at Rhinebeck.

  5. Ha ha, I was going to refer to the late night Shameka style knitting at the hotel, but she beat me to it. You can do it, just keep chanting FO, FO, FO!! Yay for lunches with Kim.