Friday, October 22, 2010

Rhinebeck Reloaded - Part 1

It was another successful Rhinebeck adventure this year! Mary Beth and I headed up early on Friday morning for the Beginning Spindle Workshop. Can I just say that OMG it was so worth it. I walked out of the class feeling like I could conquer the spindle world. Donna Kay was the instructor and was absolutely delightful. My next post will have pictures of what I created.

The weather this year was perfect! There was a slight chill in the air but you didn't need to bundle up to stay warm like last year. It was nice being able to see what everyone knitted as their Rhinbeck sweater this year. This was actually the first time I had complete strangers tell me they loved my sweater. Made all the last minute hard work on it worth the effort.

I didn't take as many pictures this year as I had in the past. However, I did still have a hard time pairing down what I wanted to share with you all. So, unfortunately, or fortunately (however you want to look at it), this is a picture heavy post.

Rhinebeck is all about the friends...

Kim, Mary Beth, Me & Yvonne

Michelle and Me (Love the Red Hair Streaks!)

Misa and her "Owl and the Pussycat" dress she made! Total Awesomeness!!!!

Me, Misa and Mary Beth. Umm we didn't realize just how Misa's jacket framed the front of her dress
...the animals....

...the yarn & sights around the festival...

Since Mary Beth and I had attended the workshop on Friday, our passes got us into the festival before the general public on Saturday. SOOOOO, we positioned ourselves right in front of the "Socks That Rock" booth. They even opened 5 minutes early to let the 6 of us there make our purchases before the herd came.

Sara and Gryphon of "The Sanguine Gryphon" yarn! These ladies are AWESOME! They were a last minute addition to the festival. The 30-45 minute line we stood in to pay for our purchases shows just how wonderful their yarn is.

A ginormous cupcake I stumbled upon in the food building.

One of many pumpkin sculptures.

...and of course me and my sister.

The Alpaca Bear was sooooo soft!

Mary Beth finally made it to the front of the Sanguine Gryphon line!

Mary Beth waiting patiently at Spirit Trail Fiberworks to pay for her purchase.

We did end Saturday evening at the Ravelry party. I do not have any pictures this year. We didn't stay long at all. After waiting in the bus line for almost an hour to get to the party, we were both really disappointed that they had run out of all 550 gift bags. We didn't care about the contents, we just wanted the commemorative bag. Hopefully they will plan better next year. There was also no place to sit and we were both tired, so we just decided to beat the crowd for the bus back to the car and head to the hotel.

My next post will share all my purchases from the festival!


  1. I love reading/looking at a picture heavy Rhinebeck recap. I ma so glad I got to spend so much quality time with you & MB both before and during the festival! Yay Rhinebeck!

  2. Yay for Rhinebeck! And Rhinebeck posts!

  3. At least we got to eat dinner together on Saturday night, I feel like I didn't get enough Deborah and MB time. Love all your photos, it's like a great scrapbook. Time to start planning for next year!

  4. It was great to meet you guys after hearing so much about you! I'm glad you got a shot of Misa doing her dress "flash", many knitters happily got flashed by Misa on Saturday. See you next year!

  5. I didn't bring a camera. I didn't even think to use my phone's camera. BUT, I'm glad for your pics to scrapbook, and you made it easier since there are just the right amount of photos to use. Had a blast again this year. Loved seeing everyone, meeting Meganne, and all the shopping. I vote for Kim to rent a house so we can all stay together next year for better quality time (aka gabbing and knitting!)