Friday, October 23, 2009

Rhinebeck Wrap-up 2009!

So it was my second trek to Rhinebeck this year and one addition made it even more special. My sister!!!! She was suppose to come last year, but couldn't make it the last minute. However, this year nothing held her back. I was so happy to have her here with me and we had so much fun.

So here's my Rhinebeck wrap-up in pictures:

We drove up early on Friday afternoon so we could get to the hotel to relax and of course knit! Sis and I shared our room with Miss "She-bobble-i-cious" Shameka and Misa. It was quite like having an adult slumber party.

Excitement was had when we saw the sun peeking through the rain filled clouds. It was suppose to rain all weekend, but there was a miracle. Saturday was dry dry dry.

Here's our mini crew walking across the hotel parking lot to have dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Saturday finally arrived and we hauled bootie over to the Socks That Rock booth to hopefully procure some yarny goodness that we can only fondle, smell and lust over online. MB and I were very good. We only purchased 2 skeins a piece.

While we were waiting in line to purchase, I spotted these wild animals outside the window! Yvonne and Kim.

After the STR stop, the first order was to hit the ladies room and get some sweater photos, 'cause it was extremely cold and some sweaters ended up being hidden by an extra layer of a jacket.

I'm kindly waiting for MB to finish sending her text so we can get a pic together.

I'll be a dork while I am waiting. "Are you done yet?"

"Here sis your sweater has to show. Let me help you open this pink fuzzy thing you are wearing." (I too had one of these pink fuzzy things - they were very warm)

Yes we are wearing matching sweaters!

Here's our Rhinebeck crew (from left to right): Yvonne, Mary Beth, Me, Shameka (you can see all the bobbles on her sweater, thus the name I called her above), Misa and Kim.

I saw Kim taking pictures of herself amongst the dyed sheepie locks (aka pig tails) and I couldn't resist acting like a dork again.

I did something this year that I didn't last year, make a trip to the car to relieve myself of yarny purchases. Not bad, right? At least MB and I didn't fill the whole trunk.

Walking back to the festival from the car, my eagle eye spotted Angie, making her own drop at the car! I wish I had a picture of her face when I said her name. She was walking towards me, heard me call her name, stopped in mid-track and said "Yeeessss." I forgot I was all bundled up and she might not recognize me. It was awesome meeting her for the first time.

At the end of our very long day we ended up at the Ravelry party. Here's the crew dutifully knitting in the freezing cold weather. We weren't able to snag seats under one of the tents, so we found our own chairs and placed them close to one of the heaters. Unfortunately the heater died and we got very cold, very quickly.

Just to prove I was there....

Finally, my haul! Not too bad and paid in cash. I have 7 skeins each (2 different colors) of some Shelridge Farm worsted (top row), 1 skein each (2 different colors) of some more Shelridge Farm worsted, 1 skein of Spirit Trail Fiberworks worsted, 2 skeins of Brooks Farm Willow (their new bamboo blend - even got these on sale), 1 skein of Creatively Dyed Fingering, 2 skeins of STR lightweight, 1 Sheep Incognito Picture (called "Occupational Therapy" - Statue of Liberty sheepie knitting) and 1 yummy tub of some awesome Herbal Hand Lotion in Honey Almond.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend! Looking forward to 2010.


  1. Excellent haul! :D I think I just wasn't expect to see you in a PARKING LOT! Hee! It was so great to meet you in person (and Mary Beth!). It was such a fun time. Next time we will have to spend more time together.

  2. HA! That is picture number 4 and 5 of the fabulous Yarny Old Kim that I've seen in blogland- she's become the Where's Waldo of Rhinebeck!

  3. What an amazing and awesome weekend! I always have the best time when I'm with my Knitting Posse.
    Becky's comment about me being the Where's Waldo is funny and kinda true.

  4. I can't believe I missed you guys! I saw Kim first thing in the morning but that was it. :-( I see that you found Sheep Incognito! I have three of those prints from last year and I love them. I don't think I'll make next year but the year after maybe I can get a ride with Misa!

  5. The Sha-Knitters in Sha-Rhinebeck. Sha-Fabulous! I loved spotting all the "famous" bloggers out there. Kim is Where's Waldo of Blogland. She pops up all over the net. I had a blast & it was awesome finally meeting all our invisible friends...Now for real! I keep petting my haul & am dying to knit it all.

  6. I had so much fun. Can we have another knitting slumber party before next year's Rhinebeck? I can't wait to see what you make out of all that yummy yarn.

  7. Ha, Sophanne just commented that the photos on my post added up to 7 of Kim. She's a celebrity. I had such a great great time with you guys, it WAS a big slumber party and worth every minute.