Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who's Got Knitting?

I do! I actually got some knitting done on my trip down to Virginia this past weekend. DB and I drove down to Danville, VA on Friday and stayed for 3 days of moto track riding at VIR. I knitted for maybe only a half hour on the drive down, but definitely got a lot more accomplished on our drive back to NYC on Tuesday.

Since I didn't want to travel with Icarus, I decided Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl was the best choice. I hadn't knitted on it from the last post I wrote about it so I accomplished a good deal. I snapped this picture in the Jeep at the Maryland House Rest Area. I absolutely love the Fall colors in this yarn.

I also have an Icarus Shawl update. As of this morning I have totally finished Chart 1. The shawl has been knitted for 178 rows and the stitch count increased to 375 stitches. Only 58 more rows to knit before binding off. Of course, the stitch count has to increase to over 400 stitches first.

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  1. It's a shawl fest. Charlotte's Shawl is looking good enough to cuddle up in. Isn't it such a quick knit? Got a ball of yarn & you have an instant shawl with that pattern. And Icarus? Well it looks like a rich cream frosting. Yummy!