Friday, August 14, 2009

In The Meantime

In my last installment, I mentioned I ran out of that luscious yarn for finishing up Icarus. Well the friend I am knitting it for wasn't surprised and is sending more my way. Can't wait to get it. I need just a couple more hours and it will be finished!

So while I was waiting what was I suppose to do? I went to the frog pond!

This is what my Gathered Pullover now looks like....

All the little cakes are sitting in time-out while the heat has taken over my apartment. This yarn will be turned into 1 of 2 Rhinebeck sweaters.

But, this wasn't the only visit to the frog pond.

Remember back in December, or January, when I casted-on for the Tapestry Cowl?

Well this is what it looks like now...

I tried and tried and tried....double knitting isn't for me, at least not at this time. I had the most difficult time holding both yarns and trying to keep the same tension. I just couldn't stand the way it looked. While I oh so much want this cowl in these yarns, the project was more frustrating to me than trying to finish it. So I didn't think twice about frogging it.

This did not go to the frog pond...

This is my version of the 2-Button Wrap that my sis did back in March. Mine too was finished in March, but I am just getting around to showing it to ya'll. My wrap differs from MB's in that I incorporated the garter stitch ends to the sides of the wrap. Just five stitches in on each side. Ravelry details here.

Finally I will have another FO to share in a day or so. It's blocking right now. It's something that I started back in June 2008. I picked it back up on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. Three days to finished 3/4's of a project. Woo Hoo!


  1. Frogging is liberating the yarn.

    MMMMalibrigo shawls! To die for.

    You are a revolutionary at heart.

    Viva La Yarn!

  2. Yarn Liberation! I love it. Your lace knitting is so lovely.

  3. August should be declared "frog amnesty month". Frog freely - I did a good bit myself last week.

  4. I would like to try my hand at the tapestry cowl....but I am not making any promises. You know how I am with FO's. May I make a suggestion for the frogged "Gathered Pullover" yarn.....Interweave's "Every Way Wrap". Why do I see you finishing that in 2.5 seconds?