Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday ya'll! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

As always, it seems the weekend just flies on by. A couple of weekends ago, Manny and I decided to clean the house on a Friday night, simply because I couldn't take all the dust, pollen, cat hair, etc. on the hardwood floor from having the windows open all week. What I noticed by doing this one chore one day early, was that it actually felt like we had a weekend. Meaning it actually felt like TWO whole days of doing fun things, instead of one day, or even half a day, of fun.

So, this past weekend we decided to do the same thing. Clean the house on Friday evening and party hardy on Saturday and Sunday. BTW, partying hardy for me is actually being able to knit or scrapbook for a whole day if I wanted to without feeling guilt over the lack of completing the chores.

Today I thought I would share my weekend in pictures.

It really consisted of three things: Knitting, scrapbooking and lots of kitty.


Kitty assisting with my knitting:
Trying to "help" me knit is just so exhausting:
After photographing some completed layouts for a future blog post, I sat down at my desk to work on some more:
While I scrapbooked, kitty napped in the sunshine:
Dinner is served. She is fascinated by watching me put together my shake:

A little morning cardio in the freaking heat:
Finished the two page layout from Saturday:
Kitty in a box (she decided this was an excellent place to take a full on bath):
And what day would be complete without an afternoon nap:
My husband was indeed around this weekend. For him it consisted of spending both days in the garage fixing our vehicle. He asked both me and kitty if we wanted to help. We both politely declined.

After hubby was finished on Sunday, he and I took a lovely afternoon walk around the neighborhood. We usually end up at one of our favorite cafe's, get a couple of iced teas to go and then go sit in the shade in the park a couple blocks from our house. I'm thinking this will be a weekly tradition, provided the humidity doesn't put a quash on it that day.

I spent early Sunday evening organizing my craft space again. Well one little corner by the window which led to working on the closet a little too. I ordered some paper organizers and wanted to get everything squared away so I wouldn't have it looming over my mind all week.

I have wonderful news in regards to my knitting. On Saturday, while kitty napped next to me, I finished knitting sock #1! I just have to graft the toe together. I didn't start sock #2 yet, but plan on it this week.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun, exciting, different or just the same ol' same ol'?

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