Friday, December 19, 2014

The Five Stages

Christmas is officially 6 days away and I am wondering where the heck the time has gone?!?!?!

My honey and I are hosting Christmas this year, so I am in full on preparation mode right now. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, so while many have told me I am crazy for wanting to host, I say "Yes Please!" even though at times I may look like this:
I am actually very excited as this is our first year to be living in a home where we can have more than 1 person over to visit comfortably at a time. My honey and I have our very first Christmas tree together even though we've been together for 5.5 years and this will be the first year in a very long time where we are celebrating in our own home. So what's not to be excited about is what I say.

While my brain has been mulling over recipes, making a list (checking it twice) and finalizing the menu and grocery shopping list, I have also been trying to finish decorating. Our Christmas tree has gone through some stages during the past two weeks since we've welcomed it into our home.

It all started on December 7.

Stage 1 - Sunday Afternoon
Managed to get this 8 foot baby up to our top floor apartment. Picture honey pulling it up the steps while I am pushing it. I had moments of thinking I was going to be landing at the bottom of the stairwell. Who knew just how heavy this baby was? Apparently not I!

Stage 2 - An hour later (or so it felt)
I saw scenes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation flashing before my eyes here folks.
But alas, all turned out well. The tree became upright even after some tricky moments of trying to secure it in the base. I was holding, while honey laid underneath the tree. I envisioned us trapped under the tree for days without food or water.

Stage 3 - Sunday Evening
It's up. It's got lights and the star is shining! Then it's determined more lights are needed.

Stage 4 - Saturday Morning (Almost one whole week later - December 13).

Conversation between me and my honey:
Me: We need to go to Home Depot for more lights.
Honey: Ok.
Me: Sooner rather than later in hopes of them not being all gone?
Honey: OK

Late Saturday Afternoon:

Honey: I am going out for coffee.
Me: What about us going to get the tree lights.
Honey: I will try and go afterwards.
Me: Well please try as I am worried that the lights we want will be all gone.
Honey: OK

Saturday Evening - 3-4 hours later

Honey: I got lights!
Me: Yay lets put them on so we can put on the ornaments.
Honey: Ok

Ok turned out to be Monday evening after work.
250 more lights later, including a super cute strand of snowflake lights . I think it still could use a few more strands, but we are calling it all good for this year.

Stage 5 - Operation Get Those Ornaments On

Um, so yeah, Stage 5 is still in the works. I've been waiting all week for the honey to have some free time to decorate the tree with me. I thought he'd want to help since this is his first tree as an adult. After a quick discussion in the car this morning, it was determined that I would start putting the ornaments on and if he could free up his work life, he would help. So come heck or high water, this tree will be finished tonight!

I've been decorating here and there in the meantime. Still need to pull out some more stuff, but I need the honey to bring the boxes down for me. We did get this cute little guy when we bought the tree...
What I love the most about him, besides his adorableness, is that he is made from the Christmas trees that didn't get sold the previous year. They cure the wood and make these little guys in three different sizes and then sell them the next year. And no he does not light up. I know that the outlet and plugs behind him makes it look like he does.

While all this Christmas craziness has been going on, I have been getting some knitting done. Been working on a couple last minute knitted gifts. Once those are done I'll pick back up with my Hermione Everyday Socks.

How are your holiday's shaping up? Going crazy? Enjoying the season? Getting knitting done?


  1. Your tree looks great! And I LOVE that reindeer! I would love to put a whole HERD of them around my house. Seriously. They are too freakin' cute.

    1. Thanks! It's a work in progress for sure. Next year we'll be better prepared and it won't take so long to finish. Aren't those reindeer adorable? We wanted to scoop all they had up and put them all in our front yard. Of course we refrained. I am sure someone in the neighborhood would of scooped them right out of it.

  2. I love everything about this post! Witty and I wish I'd been there to be eyewitness 1st account :)

    1. Awe thank you! I have my moments where I get really excited about the post and when I take a little extra time, they turn out like this. Wish you had been there to witness it also. From the moment we got it down off the jeep it was quite comical!