Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Socks On The Needles

After I completed my Mystik Spiral Socks, it took me about a week before I started itching to cast on for my next pair of socks.

A couple of weeks ago I was home from work not feeling well when the desire hit me. I immediately went stash diving in search of the perfect yarn that was going to ease my woes.

When I came up for air, I had this beauty in my itty bitty hands and immediately marched it over to the ball winder.
Be still my beating little heart! Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Rare Gems. I purchased this lovely during one of my last trips to Rhinebeck and it's sadly the last of it's kind in my stash.

This yarn is growing up to be a Hermione's Everyday Sock (Free Pattern on Ravelry) and it is everything I thought it would be.

Oh the coloring and stitch definition!
And how quickly this pattern knits! I made it down to the heel flap in two days!
By the end of my self imposed four day weekend, the foot was starting to emerge.
By last Friday evening the foot and toe were complete. All that is left is to knit/graft the toe closed.

I quickly snapped a picture this morning before work. Please ignore my practically ornament less tree. We finally put on the additional lights last night and after being completely exhausted from it, one ornament landed on the tree. If you look reeeaaaal close you might be able to spot it!
Tonight I am planning on sitting down and re-watching this youtube video to refresh my memory on how to knit kitchner the toe closed. This is the ONLY way I will ever close a toe again. I completely stink at sewing it closed (envision multiple undo's and pulling of my hair). When I came across this technique a year ago, it saved my knitting sanity.

Sock number two will be on the needles soon. I am also in the middle of some unexpected Christmas gift knitting. I look forward to sharing that with you soon. It's going better and faster than I anticipated which is good because my brain is in the middle of planning our Christmas dinner menu. We are hosting this year, first time ever! So easy knitting is what I can handle right now.

By the way, does anyone else notice a particular theme with my knitting these days? Here are a couple of clues: