Friday, May 16, 2014

The Final Countdown

One week from today, we should be moving into our newly renovated apartment.

One week from today, we have furniture being delivered.

The question is, will it be ready for us?

Answer, we hope so. There is still a list of items that need to be done. Some can be completed after we move in. Some have to be done by the 23rd. Let's see how much can be checked off that list.

I thought it would be fun to finally share some pictures of the apartment. These are all the before pictures that I took with my phone. I plan on taking after pictures. I don't know about you, but I love seeing comparisons of the before and after pictures.

So here are our before's...

The living/dining room:
My creative nook area:
The kitchen:
The bathroom that hasn't been changed since 1970 something:
A small glimpse of the master bedroom:
Finally a peek into the smaller second bedroom:
I personally cannot wait for it all to be done. It's been a long process. What started out as a minimal renovation turned into something much more grand as these kinds of things tend to do. In the end, the long wait will have been worth it. I look forward to making this house our home!


  1. Oh I think it looks absolutely lovely! I love the floors and all the light. What a wonderful event! Can't wait to see the after photos!

    1. Thank you! We are very excited to be moving into it. The sun shines through all the windows and the place really lights up from it. The floors are actually gone. They really needed to be leveled so of course everything was removed. We have put down new hardwood and kitchen floor tiles. I actually tell everyone that the only original things about the apartment is the floor plan, kitchen cabinets and appliances. Even the windows were replaced. Can't wait to share the after pictures!

  2. What an amazing space! Can't wait to see it when you're all moved in!

  3. Thanks Marsha! We were supposed to move-in this past weekend, but unfortunately it wasn't ready. We did get our furniture delivered on Friday. On Monday we were able to setup the master bedroom, but that was all. This week is about finishing up what needs to be done for the move this weekend! We'll be spending Friday through Sunday getting all of our stuff moved. Thankfully we are only going from the basement to the top floor of the house!