Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday

This is exactly how I feel today:
The longest week ever!

To help get me over this hump of feeling like this week won't end, I thought I would share three random things from my week. Fun, hunh?

Random Thing #1:
I started knitting Honey Cowl #5 and as of earlier this week, I made it through 1 skein of yarn and am currently working with number 2. I will not let these Christmas gifts get the best of me! Slogging along and hope to have it finished real soon.

Random Thing #2:
I am a big fan of wearing compression socks. My favorite ones are from Pro Compression. I wear them running and I wear them for recovery. Usually after a long run I will wear a pair for a couple of hours to assist with recovery. I forgot to put them on Sunday and by Tuesday mornings run of 5 miles, my little leggies were aching. Soooooo, I wore them to work and by 4:45 P.M. you can see they got a little tight around the upper calf area. This was when I remembered I can only wear them for a couple hours, unlike some people I know, Mr. B. Duh!

Random Thing #3:
I love it when my local Mermaid place by my office upgrades my Venti Unsweetened Green Ice Tea to a Trenta in the mornings. Makes me feel special!

That's all I got for ya this Thursday!

So tell me 1, or 3, random things about your week?

1 comment:

  1. Tomorrow is March. Yay! Random 1- Pilates was intense and my tummy hurts. Random 2- Real Estate Course is intense and my head hurts. Random 3- I hopped on a bike in the gym yesterday, and cycled myself to an intense 5 my butt hurts. Isee a nasty trend here...:-)