Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My President's Day In Pictures

Yesterday was the first day back in the office day after a holiday three day weekend and I was left wishing that every weekend was a three day weekend! Imagine everything we could get done?!?!?

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed having that extra day off (like who doesn't, right?). My Mr. B had to work, so I spent the day completely alone and had an agenda of things I really wanted to accomplish. The real question is, did I get everything done that I wanted or did the day become a total wash because I was a lazy slug?

Well, while it would have been easy to take the day completely easy, I didn't take the lazy slug route. I was actually quite busy and decided to capture my day in pictures.

I spent an hour or so in the morning finishing up this baby...
I have officially finished Honey Cowl #4. This one is for my lovely sister, MB! If she doesn't like the color I'd be happy to hold on to it. 

Around 11:30am I ventured out to Astoria Park and completed a 4 mile run in a feel like temperature of 13 degrees. BrRrRRr, but worth it!
Do you think I was visible enough?

After a quick shower and a change, I took a stroll over to the grocery store and picked up a few items for dinner and had to get my favorite drink from this mermaid lady...
Every time I walk into my office during the winter months with one of these, it never fails someone will say, "Please tell me that is not a cold drink." Well, yes, yes it is.

When I got back from my little adventure walk, it was time for this...
Green juice. Yum!

Around 4:30pm I finally got to sit down and do a little sewing on a little quilt that I must get done very soon or else I will never forgive myself because I have taken way too long to finish.
While I didn't get to spend the whole day sewing like I wanted, I did get to spend an hour and a half with the quilt and got over a major hump with it. A couple more weekends and it will be done.

At 6:30pm it was time to make dinner for myself and Mr. B. I found this recipe (linky love to the original recipe) a couple weeks back and posted it to my Pinterest board. My friends on FB all said that it looked delicious and I was determined to make it real soon. Monday night was the night.
The Spinach Black Bean Enchiladas were delicious and I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. Mr. B was quite appreciative to come home to Green Juice and a yummy dinner.

We closed our evening out with watching Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. I giggled through the whole dang thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

So tell me how did you spend your President' Day? Did you have to work or did you get to play?

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