Monday, August 2, 2010


For an early birthday present my parents bought me some Fannie's Fingering yarn. I actually picked it out at the yarn shop when I was visiting Myrtle Beach. My mom was pretty sneaky. She was in front of me at the cash register and asked to look at the yarn I was holding. I was talking with my sis and next thing I knew my mom turned back around with a bag and wished me Happy Birthday. I was indeed surprised.

I loved this yarn so much I couldn't wait to knit with it. I knew that I would probably finish my Angee Socks while on vacation so I came prepared with a couple of sock patterns. I think I have learned about finding the right pattern for your chosen sock yarn. I initially started the Buttercup sock but soon realized I didn't like the yarn for the pattern. The colors in the yarn were obstructing the ability to see the pattern. So I ripped and settled on knitting a pair of RPM's.

It didn't take me long to knit these up. I enjoyed knitting the pattern more than I thought I would. I love the finished product.

Pattern: RPM
Yarn: Fannie's Fingering (Colorway: Falls Flowers)
Started: July 11, 2010
Finished: July 29, 2010
Mods: Completed an extra set of the Spiral Pattern to make the leg longer.

I have given myself a little challenge in preparation of attending Rhinebeck this October. I want to knit up all or most of my sock yarn by the time of the festival. At first I didn't really think it was going to be possible. Then, I pulled out all of my sock yarn stash and realized I only have yarn to make 12 pairs of socks. Plus I currently have another sock on the needles. That really isn't bad at all I think.

The Creatively Dyed yarn (the orange yarn in the upper left corner) has already been balled in preparation of starting a pair of knee highs. So that will leave 11 pairs of socks to knit. We'll see just how much I can knit between now and Oct 15th.


  1. Your little sock yarn stash is so cute! Knit away and get ready for Rhinebeck. :-)

  2. You're just trying to make more scraps! The socks are so cute, it's amazing how quickly you whip them off. Finally made my rez for Rhinebeck, I have a hometown friend coming with me this time. Is your mom or MB going to make it?

  3. Ditto to what Craftivore said about making more scraps. Too funny. You can make a big dent in your stash if you keep up your current sock FO pace. Love the RPMS. Shows off both the yarn and pattern. Much better than when it was Buttercup. I'm working on my stash for Rhinebeck too, but don't have any serious ambitions on the dent making. It's a big fat, "It will be what it will be!" kinda thing. Ya know?

  4. Oh that yarn stash looks YUMMY! hehe
    What a wonderful birthday present and you finished them so fast! They look beautiful!

  5. Pretty socks!! New socks And scraps? win-win. I'm still on the fence for Rhinebeck but I hope to be there.