Thursday, June 17, 2010


One is all it takes to get started. This is my little beginning into a knitting adventure that will probably take me years to finish. Tonight I decided to finally start my Sock Yarn Blankie. I first came across the blanket back in May 2008. I have been diligently saving my sock yarn scraps ever since, which of course is pretty small. However, I am plowing forward with what I have and know that one day (year) I'll be snuggling under it.

This little square really is very simple to knit. You will have it memorized after the first one you make. Right now I am cranking out two an hour (as of this writing I have five total). I'm sure I will get that up to three. What I am going to love about this project is that it is very portable and will be a welcomed "no brainer" knit.


  1. Believe it or not, I have a bag of sock-yarn scraps that I've been saving to make a similar blanket! I was thinking about using the domino knitting technique, which involves connecting the squares as they are knit (by picking up stitches) rather than sewing them all together at the end. The thought of all that seaming makes me cry! :)

  2. Pretty! It's nice that with each square you knit all those scraps go towards a future finished item that will be basically recycled. I love "No Waste" projects.