Friday, May 14, 2010

Update Friday


I am actually making decent progress on Good Friday. Last week I finished the Left Front and immediately started on the Right. As of today I am about two thirds done on it. I will most likely finish it up between tonight and tomorrow. The sleeves will be a work in progress by Sunday. I am actually thinking I could have this sweater completely done within a month.


Ya'll know I love love love to read and can rip through a book in no time at all. The last book I read was the latest installment from the Outlander series (Echo In The Bone). I actually took my time and prolonged finishing this book for as long as I could. I knew it was either going to be the last (which it isn't) or it would be a long time before another one was published (which it will be).

So now that I finished Echo, I decided to turn my attention to another wonderful historical series by Beverly Swerling.

Several years ago I read City of Dreams. Since then additional books have come out in the series and I never got a chance to read them. There are four altogether but I haven't decided if Book #2 Shadowbrook is actually part of the series (thus why I don't have it pictured here). From what I can tell none of the characters from Book #1 are in Book #2 but they do appear in Book #3.

Since it's been so long since I read City of Dreams I decided to reread it before progressing with the new ones. I wanted to have the characters fresh in my memory. The first book is set in Early New York around the 1600's. It's very cool for me to read a book that references places/streets in Manhattan from a long time ago.

If anyone is looking for a good set of books for light summer reading, I would recommend these in a heartbeat. Got my paperbacks from Amazon for roughly $7.00 a piece which is great considering they were originally $15.00.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Girl Friday is going to be great! Are you doing buttonholes? I love seeing all the spines of the books lined up like that, it definitely appeals to my designer side.