Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last June Becky posted on her blog that she wanted to start a Traveling Scarf event. The first seven people who commented they were interested would get to participate. The idea was that you would start your own scarf in the rib pattern provided and then it would get passed on to the next person on the list. Eventually your scarf would have 8 segments total.

So, last Thursday I met up with Kim for lunch. I was really excited about it because she was bringing me my completed Traveling Scarf. I have to say that I totally LOVE it!!! All the color choices were perfect. I love how bold/bright they are. This scarf has been wrapped around my neck for the past two days. The Koigu yarn is so soft and scrumptious. I thank all the wonderful ladies who worked on my scarf. It is perfect.

In addition to receiving my scarf, Kim gave me these really cool circular needles. They are square and have the most flexible cord I have ever seen in a needle. Way cool. Oh, but the surprises didn't stop there. While Kim and I were goggling over my scarf I see this person approach us out of the corner of my eye. When I look at her I realized in was Misa! My mouth fell open and I was so surprised to see her I was actually speechless. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me that day so I didn't get a picture. It was a really really really nice surprise.

As the title of this post says, there are some unexpected changes happening in my life right now. As of yesterday I was laid off from my company. I got the call from my boss on Tuesday night within 10 minutes of walking in the door from work. Needless to say I was very upset. I have been with this company for 10.5 years which is really unheard of these days. I never imagined I would now be out of a job.

I signed off on my separation agreement yesterday and found out what my severance will be. I will have money coming in from my company for 3 months. I will also be joining the thousands of others who are claiming unemployment. I am still going to try and continue with my Paralegal Certificate. I have 3 classes down and 7 more to go. Today I am doing much better than two days ago. As Kim told me yesterday, "When one door closes, another will open". Very true.


  1. Hi Deborah!

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your job but as you said, when one door closes another door opens. Good luck with your legal courses.

    I love that traveling scarf idea and yours looks so colorful and soft.

  2. You sound well and have much support- what a shocker though!

    Beautiful scarf pix. I need to get some good ones of mine up.

  3. The scarf turned out way cool in the end. Amazing really with so many knitters & all that could entail.

    Hearts & hugs to you about the job front. Your options are better than most having already started planning a career change, so that's a positive. You are a fighter & will come out on top!

  4. That is a lovely scarf!

    I'm so sorry to read about your lay-off--it is a horrible shock to the system. I'm glad that you're doing better but take it easy on yourself. You've got a good plan in place. *hugs*

  5. *hugs* I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss. Wow, that is big stuff. Sounds like you already have a plan in action--yippee!

    Hey, today's Word Verification is "corgi"! A real word! And my favorite breed of dog! (A full-sized dog on miniature legs! How cute!) That's got to be a good omen for you! :)

  6. Wow, I am really really sorry to hear about your job loss. That just sucks. I wish I could give you another hug in person, it was so great to see you. Things will get better somehow.

  7. I have a great photo of you & Misa. I will e-mail it to you. What fun it was to surprise you lik that with a scarf & a person. So sucky about the lay off. Here's to some new doors opening up really fast!

  8. Oh, hon. I am sending you lots of hugs! I am glad to know you'll have a severance package, though. So many people are receiving so much less. I know that it all will work out for you in the end -- you're bright, witty and talented...who wouldn't want that in an employee? :)

  9. The traveling scarf looks awesome.

    You already know how I feel about that company. If ever you want to vent again, I am here.

  10. Getting laid off just sucks. At least you had a lot of time in so you have a pretty decent separation pay. I had a week and a half at the most when I was laid off. And doesn't NY have the best unemployment pay? I had to pull a full six months from it once. Are you going to be able to take more legal courses maybe?