Friday, January 9, 2009

Gift Knitting Roundup

Before the new year got to far ahead of me, I thought I would share the remaining Christmas gifts I knitted! All items were started and finished in December.

First up are Turn A Square's #4, #5 and #6. Two of them went to my nephews and the other went to a co-worker. I used Cascade 220 Superwash and Noro Kureyon. Since I already knew I was not going to have enough Kureyon for the 3rd had (first picture here), I knitted 2 rows Kureyon and 3 rows Cascade (instead of 2 and 2). Hats were loved by all.

I also knitted up some wascloths. I used Euroflax linen from my stash. The pattern is a Seed Stitch pattern. I can't remember where the pattern came from but it's in my Ravelry info. One thing that is so true about linen is that is does soften up with each washing! These washcloths make a nice light exfoliating cloth. I gifted these to my sister's Mary Beth (yellow), Kathy (purple) and my mom (blue).

The last 2 things I knitted up were a couple of very cute cable purses. They are done in a chunky yarn and knit up in a day on size 17 needles. They are even lined with a black cotton fabric. I purchased the handles in SC at Knit-N-Purl. Two of my neices received these and I know for sure one of them loves it. I witnessed her using it many times before I left SC!

Next time I'll be sharing my last FO of 2008 and my first FO of 2009. All were completed while on holiday in SC.


  1. My friend Holly makes those cable bags, too! So cute. Love the face cloths!

    Are you coming to MSWF?? (Do you see where my mind is already?)

  2. Those purses are so cute! The area where we both work must be the Turn a Square hat Capital of the World. More Turn a Squares were knit in this two block radius than anywhere else on earth. LOL.

  3. We are doing a series of classes called "One Day Wonders" & the KnitNpurl, & guess what one of the patterns will be? That's right...Christine Bag! I showed off the FO to Phyllis & she got so excited about making one up & selling a bunch of super bulky yarn & the handles for it. All you gifts are well loved here at least.

  4. The purses are really cute with the ribbon bow on them. And I'm still loving all the hats around!

  5. Those cable bags are sooo cute! How could your nieces not love them. I love your Turn a Squares, you and Kim are going to make me catch the fever.

  6. Those bags are so cute!! You and Kim are that close on a daily basis!? Envy! :D I need to find a way to visit!

  7. Wow! You were VERY productive in December.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous bags!! So, who was the lucky coworker that got a hat??

  9. Hi Deborah! I have been away visiting family since Christmas but I'm back now. OMG look at all the knitting you've done! Gorgeous as always and oh my gosh the little purses are adorable! I should give that a try for my granddaughter. She's 9 going on 13! haha
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


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