Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So There Is Knitting

Since my last two posts had nothing to do with knitting, I thought this one should. When I visited my sis in June I had started this project. It's the Interweave Knits Clementine Shawlette. I fell in love with it when sis started hers and knew I'd want one also. At first I held off for a bit. Then I had to place an emergency yarn order for my Lacy Skirt so I went ahead and bought the yarn for my own shawlette to help justify the shipping costs. I used the same yarn used in the magazine and as sis. It's Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca/Silk blend. The colorway escapes my mind at the moment.

When I left the beach, this is what I had accomplished. I had only brought one skein with me, or else I probably could have had it almost done before the plane trip back to NYC.

Sadly this is where the shawlette stands at the moment. I have about 20% more to complete on this half and then I'll cast on for the other half. The two halves get kitchener stitched together in the end when all is said and done. I'll pick it back up soon so I'll have it to wear in the fall weather. It really is a yummy knit.


  1. That's a nice juicy raspberry colored shawlette. I'm thinking about the delicious raspberry sorbet at Financier. I want some. Yum

  2. It seems I'm not far behind on any Icarus KAL. Maybe once the weather is bad?

  3. Nice color of the demi-shawlette. I tagged you with the 80s meme. I had fun doing it, but if you pass it's no biggie.