Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being Sick

There is nothing like being sick in the summer. I am actually home today nursing a summer cold. Yuck. Don't ask me how this came about, but maybe it has something to do with living in a hot apartment with only fans to cool off and scrubbing away all the nasty icky yuckies over the weekend from said apartment. I was battling a mild ickiness in my throat last week. It went away on Saturday, but then on Sunday night the ickiness settled into my sinuses. I was feeling so bad I left work early yesterday and am out today.

After drugging myself up on some Tylenol Cold last night and today, my head feels a bit clearer and I know I'll be back at work tomorrow. Hopefully getting a run in too. So what does one do when they are out sick? Knit of course!

I didn't really do any knitting over the weekend and yesterday I wasn't feeling like doing too much when I got home from work. After a nap and some medicine, I felt a tiny bit better to where I could finish my Summer of Socks Pair #3.

The stats are as follows:

Pattern: Beatrix by Monkey Toes (Socktopia)
Yarn: Scarlet Fleece - It's Tubular x 2!; Colorway: Antique Watermelon
Needles: Knit Picks Fixed Circs Size 1.5
Started: July 5th
Finished: July 14th

I love love love the colors in this yarn. It was a total joy to see it knit up. You can even see the little watermelon seeds. The Beatrix pattern was simple, quick and fun to knit. I added two additional pattern repeats in the leg. When I make them again I plan on knitting the leg on size 2 needles and add probably 2 additional repeats to make the leg even a little longer.

What can I say about the yarn itself? Well when I first started with it I wasn't too sure how I felt. The feel of it was a little different/weird to me. I can't really describe it. The yarn also tends to be a little splitty. However, as I continued to knit with the yarn, the feel of it didn't bother me as much as it did at first and it actually makes a nice comfy sock. I dealt with the splittiness of it because it wasn't every time I stuck my needle into the yarn. Bottom line, I would most likely knit with this yarn again if I fell in love with another color!

I now must return to my couch when there is a marathon running of "The First 48" all day today on A&E. Woo Hoo. I love this show. I also started my next SOS08 sock. So my friends this is how I'll be spending the rest of my day.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. But at least you're getting a lot of knitting done! :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. It sounds like what I had the first week of my vacation. It took 10 days to get rid of the drainage. Must be some kind of virus moving up the coast!

    Hope you feel better soon or at least well enough to get some knitting done.

    Love the color in the socks!

  3. I missed you at work these past few days. It was actually really busy today because they had to shift some of the staff around. But later for them. I am glad that you got to rest up and finish sock #3. I can't wait to see what's next.

  4. Feel better! I love the First 48 too. Gorgeous gorgeous socks! The colorway is amazing and worth a wee bit of splitty-ness.

  5. Hope you are feeling lots better now. That yarn is very pretty.

  6. Freakin' A, those are gorgeous!!!