Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yes, it's been a bit since I last posted anything. The past couple of weeks I haven't felt up to par. Been sick with what my doctor calls the *Killer* virus. Funny thing is, when I saw her last Tuesday, she told me that I should be back to 100% in 4 - 5 days. Amazingly, I was. By Monday I felt normal again. Thank goodness!!!

So I have been asked if I am *Lost* in my Christmas knitting?!?! The answer is yes, and I don't know when I'll be found. Right now I have Christmas projects in progress spread out on my kitchen table. The bad news is, 3 of them have mistakes and I haven't had a chance to fix them. With being sick for 2 weeks, I just put them to the side and moved onto a different Christmas project.

However, there is good news. I finished knitting Provence Throw over the weekend. Now all I have to do is weave in all those ends before Sunday. I am meeting the recipient of this blanket for a Christmas celebratory lunch then and will get a picture of it to share with you all. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Very warm and I have enough yarn left over to make another one. Remember this yarn was purchased several years ago and was going to be a different blanket back then, so I needed many more skeins. Now I have extra. I'll have to decide what I am going to do.

I think between now and when I get on my flight to South Carolina on the 21st, I will be living, eating, breathing knitting. It's ok though. I always have a way of finishing everything even if it's on Christmas Eve!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! That virus, from what I hear, is NOT fun....

  2. I knew something was up. You have been too out of sorts to yell at me about my startitis. LOL!! I am glad you are feeling better.

  3. Glad you're finally feeling better.

    Yes, you've always pulled through & given completed gifts by Christmas Day...ignore any dampnes please. Ha, HA! Keep on keepin on. Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st. (Hopefully I'll have my gifts all bought by then. Waiting for that perfect idea...& still waiting.)

  4. Have a good holiday! I am STILL sick. Had to start abother sock. Must do Christmas card.

  5. Yup, it's the timeof year to burrow into the knitting. I am still sick too. Coughing once in a while & fatigued. When will it go away?!