Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Since I took the past couple of months off from blogging, there were a few items from that time period away that I really wanted to share with you. My last couple of posts have been just that. First my wedding, then my knitting swap partner experience, but now I want to add another one, WWKIP day!

Every year this day comes and goes without me remembering. I always hear the chatter leading up to the day, but then I forget all about it until after the fact.

Well this year was different. My dear sweet friend reminded me of it by asking me to come and hang out with all the other knitters in Bryant Park. I remembered my goal of wanting new crafty friends, so I didn't hesitate to say yes.

On June 13, I arrived to Bryant Park promptly at 2:30pm and received a text from my dear sweet friend basically letting me know she was going to be late. Oh boo!

After walking around and snapping some pictures:
I set about my quest of trying to find her knitting friends while seeing if I could find the one person I was to know. Let me tell you, I circled the huge group of knitters like I was a starving piranha trying to find a face I recognized. I can only hope everyone was so absorbed with their knitting and socializing to have not noticed me at all!

After 15 minutes of circling and not seeing the one person I should know, I gave up and found a bench on the outside of the group festivities while I waited for my dear sweet friend to arrive. I must tell you I felt like a school kid that wasn't allowed in the cool kids group to play. I quickly got over myself and set about to my own knitting.

After my dear sweet friend's arrival, she promptly found her knitting buddies (minus the one I was supposed to know as she didn't come after all) and we squeezed into the group to sit down for an afternoon of fun filled knitting!

There was lots of chatter, tons of "ooo's" and "ahh's" during the parade of knits, some singing entertainment and of course big smiles all around.
The project I brought with me was the Antarktis Shawl that I had previously been having issues with, which included starting, ripping out, starting again, ripping out again.

While I was in seclusion waiting for my dear sweet friend to arrive, I managed to start the shawl again and I meticulously wrote down the stitch count after every row as I went. I finally experienced sweet, sweet victory as I managed to to get the correct stitch count at the end of the first pattern section. On all of my earlier attempts I always had one stitch too many.
By the end of the event I had progressed nicely into the second pattern section.
Guess I just needed to be surrounded by lots of positive knitting vibes to move past my knitter problems!
While the day was incredibly hot, I enjoyed myself tremendously. I look forward to attending again next year for sure! Thanks to my dear sweet friend for thinking of me!

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