Friday, June 27, 2014


Back in January 2013, I wrote a post talking about my "Unfinished Knits of Years Past" (which you can read here). At that time I had 11 UFO's on the list. Today there are 14, as witnessed here in a screenshot of my Ravelry (angelny29) project list:
So are any of the original 11 still on this list? Yes, 11 to be exact. I know.

During the past year and a half, there have been some finished projects. I completed four Honey Cowls and one pair of vanilla socks. All were Christmas gifts.
Honey Cowl #1 - For my niece Ashley.
Honey Cowl #2 - For my sister MB.
Honey Cowl #3 - For my niece Kaitlin.
Honey Cowl #4 - For my sister Kathy.
Vanilla Socks - For my nephew Jeremy.

Back in the day (yes, I talk like it was 20 years ago instead of just six or seven) I was a knitting machine. In 2007, I had 21 FO's. In 2008, there were 47 FO's (my all time high). I was still going strong in 2009 with 23 FO's. Then it went drastically downhill from there for one reason or another.

While I am not necessarily looking to rock that many FO's in a year anymore, I am wanting to complete more projects than I have during the past couple of years.

So here I am setting some goals. I work well with goals. Goals help keep me going and motivated. I love being able to tick the completed section of each goal one by one. I'm a goal junkie.

Goal #1 and #2: Finish "Deborah's Honey Cowl" and "Iced Eucalyptus Beret" pronto. Both of these items are mere inches from being finished and sadly could of been done during the Polar Vortex so I could of enjoyed them.

Goal #3: "Bacon Socks" - I seriously need to finish sock number two so I can have the leftover yarn for my "Sock Yarn Blankie".

Goal #4: The "Boneyard Shawl" will be the next item to complete. I know it is also almost at the completion point. I believe I stopped because I was trying to figure out how many more repeats I could do and still have enough yarn left for bind off.

Goal #5: "Some Cloudy Day" legwarmers - One legwarmer complete, the other halfway done. Enough said.

Ongoing Goal: Complete at least 5-6 squares on my "Sock Yarn Blankie" each week. I have been working on this blanket since 2010 and know that this is a long term project. I would really like to finish it before I am in my rocking chair so hopefully this will help put a dent in it.

For right now, these are my top knitting goals. Once I check some of these off the list, I will update and revise accordingly.

To hold myself accountable, because really I want to finish so I can start new, I have decided I will dedicate at least one post a week to knitting. I honestly miss talking about and sharing my knitting. So I am going to change things up and get a little something of what started this blog in 2007 back. Stay tuned!


  1. Okay, I thought I just left you a whole comment that poof! disappeared. so I'm sorry if somehow I posted twice! I did want to say, i love your list, and I think your goals are completely obtainable since your WIPs are so far along. Also you have lots of fun stuff on the needles and you should complete anything with the word bacon in it. Happy Knitting! All the best.

    1. I've already made some great progress on the list. Be expecting some FO posts to come real soon! I agree those goals are completely attainable for sure. Now that I am in an apartment with wonderful natural light, I have really been motivated to knit again. In regards to those bacon socks, they really look like bacon! LOL