Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NHerShoes Fall Shred

Oh my gosh all you lovelies! The wonderful Bobbi over at NherShoes is at it again! She will be putting on a Fall Shred for everyone who missed out on her Summer Shred's.
Everyone has been asking me how I have gotten into shape. This is the program that started it all for me. I signed up for her June Shred and haven't looked back. I had such awesome results in just 1 month that I immediately signed up for her Extreme Shred in July and right now am doing the Ultimate Shred.

My Summer Shred Week 1 Recap is here, Week 2 Recap is here, Week 3 Recap is here and my final results for the Summer Shred and Extreme Shred are here.

I always say proof is in the pudding and I am the proof this program works. Of course, you only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

As of yesterday I am down a total of 18.5 pounds, over 16 inches lost and am down 3 dress sizes.

I am stronger, a faster runner and feel like a new woman! I am mentally and physically in such a wonderful place right now that I can't imagine this not being my new lifestyle, because folks, that is exactly what this is. It's not a diet. It's healthy living!

I encourage anyone who is on the fence, or needs that little extra help of a personal trainer without the huge expense, to get your booty off that dang fence and RUN, not walk, to sign up!!!  Registration closes on August 29!

Please let me know if you do sign up. I will be here to cheer you on!!!

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  1. The exercise regime is really a challenge, but the lifestyle change in diet is really just amazing how you've embraced that. I feel like all lifestyle changes, you have to be ready for it. I know, this is my weakness, but just like I read about other people's knitting adventures, and the patterns and techniques they try, these posts of yours, give me food for thought. They give me pause to consider choices and that is great for me. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the good influence :)