Friday, January 6, 2012

My Knitting Today

Today I had a huge desire to do nothing but knit. Of course I couldn't really do that. I did have to actually work today. Since today was a non-gym day for me I had room in my bag for some light knitting. I am so glad I brought it with me because I found a few minutes during my lunch break to work on my Honey Badger Sock (Ravelry Link).

This is sock #2 and as you can see I am almost done with it. I absolutely love this little pattern. It's simple enough with a little bit of interest in it to fly right off my needles. I know I finished the first sock with my old speedy knitting self and it really helped ignite my love with knitting socks all over again!


  1. Very pretty! Love the pattern and yarn!

  2. Honey Badger don't care, Honey Badger knit at lunchtime! Those are some lovely socks. Happy New Year girl! :)