Friday, July 2, 2010

67 Squares

In addition to being busy knitting on the sock yarn blankie, I've also been busy making up little mini skeins for my sister of the yarn I have. I found I needed about 7.5 yards of sock yarn to make one square. So to make the skeins I measured out anywhere from 7.5 to 8 yards. For some of the yarns I had a huge amount leftover so I weighed out 5 grams which will yield several squares for sure. As you can see below, I have 17 sock yarns. That's a good many pair of socks. Plus, there are some socks I don't even have any scraps from.

So far I have finished 67 squares on the blanket. There are three rows completed and the fourth is a quarter done. After tackling all the loose ends from the first and second rows, I've been weaving in the ends as I add a new square. That way there is only 2 ends to weave at a time and they really doesn't take long at all to weave in and snip.

Here it is in all it's close-up glory:

I'm starting to run out of scraps which contribute to the ability to spread out some of the same colors. I'll work with what I got and then it's off to knit more socks!


  1. It looks just great! I haven't started mine yet. I'm sure you will finish your first!

  2. It's going to be soo cute. I think something like that might take me all year.