Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 Wrap-Up

Well I have returned from my very "Oh So Short" Christmas trip to Charlotte. I flew in on Christmas Eve morning to spend the holiday with my parents. Unfortunately, no one else in the family could make it, so it was just the three of us and Flash, the cat. It was very nice and even though I only went for 3 days, I am glad I got to go.

So now that the gifts have all been given, I can finally share all that I have completed that has been withheld from the blog.

I knitted mom the Seraphim Shawl. I chose Dream In Color Smooshy yarn. The colorway is Romeo Blue.

I knitted Dad another hat. I say another because after looking in their hall closet I realized this is the 4th hat I have made him for Christmas. I promised no more hats and something different would come next year. Dad got a Thorpe Hat. I used Paton's Wool in Black as the main color and the contrasting stripe is Shelridge Farms Worsted in Blueberry.

I realized after the fact that my parents received coordinating colored items.

I knitted Mary Beth a Porom Hat and a Wicker Cafe Cowl. I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Vintage Denim colorway. Ever since I made my own Porom, MB had been wanting to knit one up for herself. On the second day of Rhinebeck we were looking at the Shelridge Farm yarn (what I used to make mine) and she asked me "How many skeins did the Porom take?". I looked deeply into her eyes and asked, "Do you really want to make that?". She looked so cute when she comprehended what I was saying.

With sis living in Myrtle Beach, the Silky Wool was a nice "light" yarn to use. Airy but yet will be warm in mild winter temperatures. I chose the Wicker Cafe Cowl because most cowls tend to be large on her neck. This one had a nice little 2 button closure at the top which I thought might hold it in for her.

Unfortunately I didn't get to give it to her because she arrived at my parents the day I flew back to NYC.

Finally, I finished the Lacy Accent Scarf for my niece. The yarn is Jagger Spun and it's like knitting with thread. Definitely thinner than any lace yarn I've used. My darling niece wanted a lacy black scarf and so she got it. I hung it up from my mom's kitchen window to let the light through in hopes of getting a good picture.

I am very happy to report that DB loved the Hemlock Ring Blanket, even without it being blocked to it's full size! It proudly lays across his bed. I just need to get it back from his grips in order to block it for him. I promise I will post pictures once I do.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!! All your hand made gifts are so lovely and so much more meaningful than something store bought. Your mom's shawl is gorgeous.

  2. That shawl you knit for your mom is GORGEOUS! I love the scarf too. I just finished my first lace project. It was a scarf. I haven't blocked it yet because I don't have blocking wires and I know I don't have enough t pins but I will get them someday...soon I hope. LOL Coming and seeing other's projects motivates me to get going. :D Especially people who knit so beautifully!